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Oil Development Project Environmental Impact Evaluation of Yingtai-Jiami Oilfield

Author MeiXianBo
Tutor ChenHaiTao
School Jilin University
Course Business Administration
Keywords Environmental Impact Assessment Oil development project Oilfield development impact Environmental Pollution Prevention
CLC X820.3
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Yingtai Oilfield encryption project is located MoMoGe natural protected Hal flexible range of core protected areas and buffer, and the right side of the main channel of the sub-section of the river in Nenjiang Baicheng, State embankment dam dam dam, geography The location is very sensitive. In view of the project is in a special geographical environment, both to protect the environment, to the benefit of the people, but also to further stabilize the eastern crude oil production to achieve better economic efficiency, it is necessary for the oilfield development reached environmental impact of petroleum development process reasons analysis, to reduce the impact on oil development to the regional environment, prompting oil field development in coordination with the regional ecological environment. According to the environmental characteristics of the engineering characteristics of the oil field development project and the project area, a survey of MoMoGe natural protected especially Hal flex core protected areas, understanding of protected areas in the state of nature without human interference or a certain degree of human interference state topography, hydrology, wildlife, plant species, the number of background information, analyze the potential impact of the project construction period and operation period of the evaluation area ecosystem. Analysis and the process of oil development process and pollutants position, through the analysis of the environmental impact of the factors in the development process, pointed out that the project construction period in the development, production the runtime and closed well convalescence affect ambient environmental factors air, surface water, groundwater, sound environmental, soil, ecological environment; shows the determination of the environmental evaluation factors, evaluation criteria, evaluation grades and evaluation procedures. Subsequently, on-stage oilfield encryption environmental impact of the development project depth analysis of oilfield development environment on a number of factors of the ambient air, surface water, groundwater, acoustic environment, soil, ecological environment, solid pollutants impact assessment; to develop construction period and a number of factors, production run period and closed well to the whole process of environmental impact analysis to obtain the results of the comprehensive evaluation of the impact of oil development project on the environment. Finally, the environmental impact of oil development process Countermeasures, respectively, given the development of the construction period, the environmental impact of the various stages of the production run-time and mine closures period Control Measures. Seek to reduce the impact of oil development to regional environmental, be held to the unity of the social, economic and environmental benefits to ensure the sustainable development of the oil field development and coordination of the regional ecological environment.

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