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The Therapeutic Effects of M4 to Ovarian Cancer Cell Lines and the Primary Mechanism

Author FangHaiYan
Tutor WangHui
School Huazhong University of Science and Technology
Course Obstetrics and Gynaecology
Keywords STAT3 Select Copy adenovirus M4 Gene therapy OV2008 C13K
CLC R737.31
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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[Objective] To study explore its preliminary mechanism of the OV2008 and C13K ovarian cancer cell lines in vitro treatment effect , and select Copy adenovirus M4 . 【Methods】 replication adenovirus M4 , infected ovarian cancer cell lines OV2008 and C13K MTT method detection M4 inhibition of proliferation of ovarian cancer cell lines ; flow cytometric detection M4 apoptosis ; Western Blot detection changes in expression of STAT3 protein and its downstream target proteins ; flow cytometry to detect cell cycle ; the Transwell assay M4 of invasive ability of two ovarian cancer cell lines . DDP role in ovarian cancer resistant strain C13K MTT detect cell proliferation simultaneously by flow cytometry to detect apoptosis . M4 with the combined effects of DDP C13K MTT to detect cell proliferation changes ; expression of MDR-1 Western Blot detection cells . 【Results】 choose the replication of adenovirus M4 significantly inhibited the OV2008 , and C13K cell proliferation ( P <0.05 ) , but also to promote the two cell apoptosis ( P <0.05 ) , p- STAT3 after infection M4 Western Blot , STAT3 protein and target protein Bcl -xl , survivin , Cyclin D1 expression level decreased significantly ( P <0.05 ) ; the Transwell law results show that the M4 can inhibit ovarian cancer cell invasion ability ( P <0.05 ) . Low concentrations of cisplatin for C13K significantly induce apoptosis ( P gt; 0.05 ) , nor its proliferation inhibition significantly ( P gt ; 0.05) . Acting on M4 and DDP C13K significantly inhibited cell proliferation ( P lt; 0.05 ) , MDR-1 expression in the cells significantly down-regulated ( P lt; 0.05 ) . [Conclusion] select the replication of adenovirus M4 good treatment effect on ovarian cancer cell lines in vitro , but also able to reverse of C13K to cisplatin resistance , the mechanism may be due to the M4 closed STAT3 gene in the tumor cells , thereby promoting the p - STAT3, survivin , Bcl-xl , Cyclin D1 , MMP -9 expression levels decreased at the same time C13K MDR-1 significantly down , eventually leading to apoptosis of tumor cells .

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