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High-speed ball screw friction performance analysis and experimental study

Author HanXinJian
Tutor ZuoZhiYuan
School Lanzhou University of Technology
Course Mechanical Design and Theory
Keywords Ball Contact characteristics Transfer efficiency Friction torque
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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CNC precision ball screw is a key feature , with the development of high-speed cutting technology for ball screw linear speed of the increasingly high demand. High-speed ball screw while bringing the temperature rise due to friction problem , the temperature rise as a constraint to high-speed ball screw key factor . Contact characteristics of ball screw and transmission efficiency at high speed under the influence of high-speed ball screw friction torque generating mechanism, a friction torque analysis equation to solve the heating problem of high-speed ball screw to provide theoretical and technical support has important theoretical and practical significance. In this paper, Hertz contact theory , in considering the helix angle of the case analysis in ball screw ball and raceway contact characteristics . Use of static equilibrium ball screw from the ball and the raceway consider only sliding friction , rolling friction and rolling consider only sliding friction into account three aspects , the establishment of ball screw transmission efficiency equation . From the contact stress , axial elastic deformation and transmission efficiency increases three aspects screw helix angle after impact and the use of theoretical calculations , finite element simulation and experimental methods to verify the correctness of modeling . According to Hertz contact model and tribological principles, research generates friction torque ball screw mechanism . Using the particle -based kinetic energy theorem to establish the ball in the frictional torque inverter model . Consider contact load and speed on the friction coefficient , the establishment of the ball screw vice frictional torque analysis model and analyze different friction torque load and speed on impact . To analyze the friction torque on the screw heat effect , the use of heat transfer theory to establish a frictional torque and screw the relationship between temperature rise equation . The experiments measuring the screw speed is different at different times within the temperature changes, the establishment of friction torque model for verification.

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