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Aluminum alloy pulsed MIG welding process signal acquisition and analysis

Author HuZuo
Tutor BaiShaoJun
School Beijing University of Technology
Course Mechanical Engineering
Keywords Virtual Instrument Signal acquisition Statistical Analysis Control performance Process Analysis
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Welding power digital control is important in today's field of welding technology development direction is to enhance the effect of arc control technology an effective way. Since the pulse MIG welding droplet control, easy to automate, and many other advantages, has been widely used in various fields. With the increasingly fierce market competition, high reliability and high stability of the welding power source welding production enterprises more and more attention, but also on the welding power control performance put forward higher requirements. Therefore, the use of advanced and convenient virtual instruments for analysis of the welding process welding equipment would improve the control performance and effective means. In this paper, NI USB-6009 data acquisition card, build a LabVIEW-based pulsed MIG welding electrical parameters of signal acquisition and statistical analysis platform, and design of the welding current, voltage sensor and signal conditioning circuitry; application LabVIEW programming multi-channel electric welding parameter data acquisition, signal processing and analysis procedures, including test conditions given, recording module, electrical parameters signal acquisition module, the data waveform playback selection and call module, signal filtering module and data statistical analysis module, man-machine interface is friendly, easy to use. Statistical analysis module mainly for electric welding process parameters are calculated and analyzed, including the pulse period, pulse frequency, short times, peak time, the base value of the time, pulse energy equivalent factor, peak period average voltage / current, the base value of the average voltage / current, single-cycle average voltage / current and the standard deviation of these parameters, these parameters and statistics of the welding power source as a basis for the dynamic performance tuning. Analysis of the application of the test system platform aluminum pulsed MIG welding process test, combined with an arc shape aluminum alloy high-speed camera, initially for aluminum alloy pulsed MIG welding process made the following three aspects of the analysis: A comparative analysis of the welder output voltage and the voltage across the arc welder design differences and the law; through experimental research and data analysis, extract the arc length that best characterize the information; the statistical data, the arc voltage and current waveforms and the physical form of the whole and to analyze the arc disturbed after the power dynamic regulation performance. Experimental results can be obtained for the digital welding power control performance improvements reference and evaluation.

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