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A Comparative Study of the Translation of Fuzziness in the Two Versions of Hong Lou Meng

Author DengZuoZuo
Tutor WangShuHuai
School Huazhong University of Science and Technology
Course English Language and Literature
Keywords Comparative study Translation Fuzzy Language Dream of Red Mansions
CLC I046
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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Ambiguity is an inherent feature of language. Vague language gives the reader a great imagination, so it is an important carrier of literary works. \Lost in translation if these vague America will not only damage the original artistic value, but also the original and target language readers a great loss. Therefore, the proper handling of these vague words, for us to better deliver Chinese culture as well as China and other countries to strengthen cultural exchanges between important. This study aims to \The author believes that vague language is the use of limited vocabulary to express vague sense of language. It is mainly embodied in the word, phrase and sentence level. In this study, the difference is that all the conclusions are analyzed through the corpus summed up. I learned from the \and Fuzzy language. The main use of the following three methods: Corpus Act, comparative study law and induction. Through the six kinds of vague language translation comparative study, the authors found that, in order to allow the reader to better appreciate the English original, Hawkes focus on form and content of the original delivery. His physical description vague language of the characters, character and scene description language describing fuzzy fuzzy language processing nicely reflects this. Vague language in the translation of religion, language, and sexual medicine fuzzy vagueness, the Hawke's efforts to mitigate the ambiguity caused by cultural differences in order to maximize convey the original message. Therefore, he asked readers to more easily understood and accepted in English. Yang Hsien-yi couple of the characters from the physical description vague language, character and scene description language describing fuzzy fuzzy language translation can be seen in its translation in most cases abandoned the original image, although the reproduction of the original ambiguity, but only to convey the deeper meaning of the original text. Vague language in dealing with religious, medical and sexual fuzzy fuzzy language language translation, Yang Hsien-yi couple retained the original image in order to meet the English readers to explore the psychological novel. In short, the case analysis clearly shows that the translator should accurately convey the original meaning of the reproduction based on the original style, while carefully considering the target reader's ability to accept, so that the translation be accepted without causing readers to cultural misunderstandings. Although this paper only \in order to carry out more valuable research. In addition, I also want to translate from practitioner to obtain useful information and guidance, so that their vague language translation practice more effective. This thesis consists of five parts. The first part is the introduction, this study describes the background, significance and research questions. The second part is a literature review, a brief review of fuzzy language definition, classification, causes, and the predecessors of fuzzy language and the \The third part of this thesis describes the methodology and corpus. The fourth part Yang Huo two fuzzy translations Translation of comparative analysis, and the results of the analysis are summarized. At the end of this study pointed out the inadequacies, and future studies put forward their own proposals.

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