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Verification on Quotations from Mao Shi by the Sound and Meaning of the Tripitaka. Compiled by Xuan Ying

Author Yang
Tutor HuangRen
School Huazhong University of Science and Technology
Course Linguistics and Applied Linguistics
Keywords The Sound and Meaning of the Tripitaka. compiled by Xuan Ying Mao Shi Gu Xun Hui Zuan
CLC I207.22
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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The Sound and Meaning of the Tripitaka. (大唐衆經音義)Compiled by Xuan Ying(玄應)was the first dictionary to illustrate the words in sutras. The ditionary has indicated the pronounciation of some words, explained the meanings of them, compared different shapes of characters and pointed out some mistakes. The important thing is that this dictionary has quoted plenty of classics which had dissapeared now. It has the very big significance on the textual research and explication of the words. This dictionary has quoted massively notes and calligraphy books, summarized the words and expressions that were used at that time. It is valuable on many aspects.The dictionary has quoted 209 pieces of materials from Mao Sh(i毛詩). The goals of quotation was mainly to explain the meaning of the words, but occasionally, it was to prove the pronounciation or the shape of characters. Comparing to the modern version, the contents are basically the same. But in terms of characters, it contains similarities and differences. The differences include Jieyong(借用), Yiwen(異文), Zhuanshi(轉釋)and Ewu(訛誤)etc. these materials have the great significance on the research of Xuan Yin Yin Yi(玄應音義)and that of Mao Shi.Gu Xun Hui Zuan(故訓匯纂)is one of the reference books which are particularly abundant in exegesis materials. However, the quotations on Mao Shi in Xuan Yin Yi Yi of the book are few, with some errors in characters and disaffinity in formats of documentary evidence. Thus, there can be considerable improvement in Gu Xun Hui Zuan.

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