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Study on Carboxymethyl Ation of Chitosan and the Process

Author SuoZhiYong
Tutor FengShuBo
School Hebei University of Science and Technology
Course Industrial Catalysis
Keywords Chitosan Carboxymethyl chitosan Solvation effect Degree of substitution Viscosity
CLC O636.1
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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This thesis for the dispersed phase to organic solvents , sodium hydroxide as an alkalizing agent , chloroacetic acid as a modifier , isoelectric point method refined preparation of carboxymethyl chitosan . Expounded the the carboxymethyl chitosan preparation method and process mechanism . More systematic dosage of sodium hydroxide , chloroacetic amount of etherification temperature , etherification , and organic solvents select five factors to consider , product substitution of carboxymethyl chitosan yield , water-soluble and dissolved rate , quantitative research and analysis to find the factors the law . Using isopropanol as the organic solvent , obtained by orthogonal experiment carboxymethyl chitosan optimum conditions : chitosan 5g, sodium hydroxide 20g , the chloroacetic 25g , swelling temperature 30 ℃ , swelling 1h, alkali transition temperature of 30 ° C , the alkalization time 2h ??, etherification temperature of 50 ° C , etherification time 4h, chloroacetic slow in batches to join with isoelectric point refined products , carboxymethyl chitosan prepared under this condition the degree of substitution of 1.382 , the closing rate of 85.1% , better water-solubility , viscosity, yield , dissolution rate and infrared spectroscopy performance indicators for the analysis and characterization and on the degree of substitution of carboxymethyl chitosan products . Traditional craft of carboxymethyl chitosan is generally carried out in heterogeneous conditions , larger than the amount of sodium hydroxide and chloroacetic use , and the low utilization rate of raw materials , had a great impact on the environment , increase the carboxylation chitosan production costs . Solvation effect of chitosan carboxymethylation heterogeneous system had a significant effect , it can improve product performance , reduce the amount of alkali and acid , and to improve the utilization of raw materials , cost savings , chitosan carboxymethyl base the process of gradually attention , is a very application preparation techniques prospects .

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