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Studies on Synthesis and Gel Performance of Novel Spiropyran Compounds

Author CaoJianLei
Tutor YuHaiTao
School Hebei Normal
Course Organic Chemistry
Keywords Photochromic materials Spiropyran Gel Photochromic organic gel
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Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Photochromic means is that certain compounds in the certain wavelength and intensity of the optical effect of the molecular structure will change, resulting in its light absorption peak i.e. a change in the color , and this change is usually reversible . Humans find the photochromic phenomenon has been 100 years of history . Photochromic material has potential applications in data storage , display materials and optical computing materials such as optical and optoelectronic field , and therefore subject to people's attention . Spiropyran class compounds is the study of the earlier one of the photochromic material can be synthesized by modification of the spiropyran compounds functional photochromic material . This thesis is divided into the following three parts: the first part is the introduction of light photochromic material spiropyran compound has the advantages of simple preparation , good compatibility with organic solvents , high luminous efficiency, good fatigue resistance widespread concern by the people . Introduced spiropyran compounds , spirooxazine the class compound synthesis , principle , photochromic influencing factors . The second part is the synthesis method and characterization of the synthesis of novel compounds of the spiropyran . This paper first synthesized the SP1-SP5 simple spiropyran compounds based on synthetic SPA , SPB , SPC, SPD , SPE , and then to SP6 . The target compounds synthesized in this paper is yet to see the new compounds reported in the literature . Several compounds using IR, 1H NMR detection method to determine the structure of the compound . The third part of the research on the nature of the synthesis spiropyran compounds . This paper design and synthesis of novel spiropyran compounds SP1 , SP3 , SP4, SP5 , SPA , SPB , SPC , SPD and SPE , photochromic , pH discoloration , and a more comprehensive and in-depth study of the metal ion , the polarity of the solvent the light induced discoloration and fading speed ; the gel properties of the test article also on the synthesis of new compounds of the spiropyran , found modified three long chain amide compound of the spiropyran class compound ( SPE ) has good gelling properties , and made ??of an organic gel having photochromic properties . SPE gel properties do in-depth inquiry . The SP6 with three long-chain amide can form a two-component gel can also do in-depth research them , and by scanning electron microscopy , transmission electron microscopy the morphology of the gel state description .

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