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Development of Functional Automotive Interior Textiles

Author LuoYunXiao
Tutor BiSongMei
School Anhui University of Engineering
Course Textile Material and Textiles Design
Keywords Automotive interior Activated carbon fiber cloth Liquid Phase Deposition Antibacterial deodorant Functional textiles Composite fabric
CLC TS106.6
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Automobile brings people comfortable life, but the insides vehicle air pollution seriously affects people’s physical and mental health. With the improving of people’s safety consciousness, people pay increasingly attention to automotive interior air quality. Multifunctional automotive interiors fabrics, which can adsorb poisonous gas and improve in-car air quality,were researched in this paper.The main research contents were as follows:1.Polyacrylonitrile pre-oxidized fabrics has been prepared with acrylic fabric. And the main process parameters of pre-oxidation temperature, the pre-oxidation time and shrinkage rate of fabric which effect on pre-oxidized fabrics, were researched. With cyclization degree of pre-oxidized fabrics was characterized by XRD, The optimal process parameters of preoxidation was demonstrated that pre-oxidation temperature of 250℃, pre-oxidation time of 30 min, shrinkage rate of 15% by orthogonal analysis. Different cyclization degrees of pre-oxidized fabrics were selected to perpare activated carbon fiber cloth. We came to the conclusion that higher cyclization degrees of pre-oxidized fabrics can perpare more activated carbon fiber cloth.2.Secondly, activated carbon fiber cloth which based the best pre-oxidized fabrics, was perpared by chemical activation. With the measure standard of iodine value and methylene blue adsorption value,process conditions (Including activation temperature, soaking time,phosphoric acid concentration and activation time) which effect on performances of activated carbon fiber cloth,were researched. The optimal process parameters of preoxidation was demonstrated that activation temperature of 650℃, soaking time of 16h, phosphoric acid concentration of 15% and activation time of 30min by orthogonal analysis. Activated carbon cloth was prepared with iodine value 1593.85mg/g, and methylene blue adsorption 162.08mg/g. The surface appearance of the best activated carbon fiber cloth was characterized by SEM, and much microporous were found in fiber.3.With a large Specific Surface, activated carbon fiber cloth can absorb harmful substances, but it is mainly on physical adsorption and completely oxygenolysis harmful substances. Nanometer titanium dioxide is new photocatalysis material,and can oxygenolysis all. Combining both advantages, TiO2 was deposited on the best of activated carbon fiber cloth by liquid phase deposition. The process parameters of molar ratio of ammonium fluotitanate and boric acid, deposition time and calcination temperature were researched, photocatalytic degradaing the methylene blue as a measure standard. With single factor, and the best of process parameters were educed as follows:molar ratio of ammonium fluotitanate and boric acid of 1:3(0.1mol/L:0.3mol/L), deposition time of 15h and calcination temperature of 400℃. Film was prepared with the best degradation property of methylene blue,and degradation rate of methylene blue can reach 86% in 1h.4.Modified activated carbon fiber cloth was combined with other fabrics, because of its poor mechanical properties and more expensive, and the activated carbon fiber cloth can play its advantages. As interlayer, modified activated carbon fiber cloth were combined with cotton fabric by sewing in this paper. And the properties of composite material were tested, and the results showed that composite material has photo catalytic properties,and degrades formaldehyde.Meanwhile,the composite material also has excellent flame retardancy and antibacterial property,and these properties have better persistence.The mechanical properties of composite material can reaches the tandard requirement for auto-inner ornament,and the air permeability is excellent.5.This researched functional fabrics, can be used for car interiors, such as coated fabrics of door linings, seats, pillows.

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