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Linear Regression and Grey Relational in the Correlation Analysis of Shanxi Overmature Vinegar’s Quality Inspection

Author HePengFei
Tutor HuangDengYu;PengXiaoGuang
School Shanxi University
Course Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Keywords Shanxi Vinegar Tetramethylpyrazine Linear regression Gray relational
CLC TS264.22
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Shanxi Overmature Vinegar with its acid mellow, fragrant flavor, aftertaste cotton, quality thick, reddish brown color and a long storage without deterioration, and so famous for. Vinegar products industry as a business card in our province, greatly promoted the economic development of our province, but the prosperity has also brought back a lot of hidden dangers, making the market more mature vinegar current chaos. This paper aims to find a way to explore the old vinegar and effective physical and chemical indicators and characteristic components of the intrinsic relationship between TMP.First of all, by Shanxi Overmature Vinegar,10 personality will be more stable component in vinegar-like determination, come to different varieties to mature vinegar D06 acidity and the content of effective component in the highest, while D06 turned around 3 years,5 Aging active ingredient in the most stable routine, the highest nutrient content.Secondly, the premise does not adsorb the sample, the choice of C 18 solid-phase extraction column to the Shanxi Vinegar sample pretreatment, the old vinegar in the 6 major components of the quantitative determination of organic acids.Finally, obtained by HPLC content of TMP vinegar samples, using SPSS general composition of the relevant linear regression analysis, after finding that the physical and chemical indicators of pH and total acid composition of the equation and the expected value of the degree of good fit. Using Grey Relational Vinegar TMP assessment of organic acids and obtained the performance of the most comprehensive index X6 superior varieties with reference to the closest and most TMP content, can be used as reference for the best varieties, while the citric acid found in index Associated with the greatest degree of TMP content, then the level of citric acid can infer the content of the level of TMP..The next step to continue to seek the links between physical and chemical indicators and TMP, hoping through them to find out the intrinsic link between the scope of TMP content, so that it can be used Shanxi Overmature vinegar’s inspection.

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