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Review of Financial Standards Patent Research

Author DuanDongMei
Tutor YiJiMing
School Huazhong University of Science and Technology
Course Legal
Keywords financial patent Business Method Patent Financial Products The Patent of Financial Product Review Criteria
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Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Finance is the core of modern economy, financial activities has become the foundation and the core of economic activity, economic development in a country in a pivotal position in the financial sector can not develop without a long-term financial support of the patent,Developers to develop the patent the patent is granted financial products developed by the intellectual labor of the most effective protection, will greatly stimulate the developers have to create enthusiasm.Financial scrutiny is given to the patent the basic standards of financial requirements of countries according to their specific conditions of countries to develop their own standard of review. "Patent Law" from April 1, 1985 since the implementation of the August 25, 2000, made a second revision, is the review of technical guidelines for the provisions of the patent, the patent only covers the first financial a class of patents, such as cash registers, safes and other characteristics of the technology of financial patents.To October 2004, the State Intellectual Property Office issued the "business method patent applications for inventions related to the review of Rules (Trial)" Ben, during which specifies the business method patent applications related to patentability standard of review. In the nearly two years after the implementation of the 2006 edition of "Review Guide" lapsed into effect. August 2008, after the third amendment, October 1, 2009 entered into force "Review Guide", are not on the business method patent review the financial details of classes, the 2010 edition was "Review Guidelines" in Chapter IX are related to the computer patent application review process a number of provisions, but does not explicitly or separately one pair of the patent for the financial requirements.Currently the United States, Japan and Europe as well as domestic experts and scholars, graduate students in financial patent further study, the standard of review of the future hot spots. National financial sector and the financing of competition and cooperation in the patent, the first financial patent examination standard of competition and cooperation. In this paper the specific case of comparative study and analysis, patent review from the standards of financial standards and substantive standards in the form of study start, and ultimately raised the status and future trends in line with our patent examination standards of financial proposals for national legislation for reference. In addition to external full-text summary and conclusions were divided into five parts, is a summary of the contents of main ideas and a brief description of thesis structure.The first part of the introduction Research topics is introduced to study the practical and theoretical significance, limiting the scope of study and research ideas and frameworks, the main content, the main research methods and the possible introduction of such innovations.The second part of the definition of financial patents. Is the meaning and characteristics of financial patents, financial and related concepts of the meaning of the patent describes the financial characteristics of the patent, patent research and application of the financial status of the financial status of domestic and foreign patents, financial patents in the financial industry in the description of the Current Situation introduction and description.The third part, the financial patent patentability (form) Standards. Is a financial overview of the patentability of the patent, the general standards of financial patents, the international finance in the form of licensing standards, China’s financial criteria introduced in the form of patents, the United States, Japan, Europe standard of patentability financial patent trend analysis, China financial criteria of patentability as defined in the patent, China has authorized financial patent case analysis, our current financial patent patentability criteria analysis, our future financial patent patentability standard construction such as the best introduction to and analysis.The fourth part, the United States,Japan, Europe and the substantive standard of review of the financial comparison of the patent. To the United States, Japan, the European Union’s financial patent substantive examination of the standard description and comparative analysis.The fifth part, our standard of review in the future to create financial patent advice.Is the creation of financial necessity of patent examination standard analysis of patents in the form of future financial and substantive standards for the establishment of the standard recommendations.Conclusion: Conclusions of the research results, and summary of main points made.

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