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Study of Rotating Machinery Vibration Measuring and Analyzing System Based on LabVIEW

Author ZengRong
Tutor JiangZhengFeng
School Wuhan University of Technology
Course Mechanical Manufacturing and Automation
Keywords rotating machinery LabVIEW non-stationary vibration signals order analysis techniques
CLC TB534.2
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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In industrial sector, rotating machinery often server as power machinery, which occupies a large proportion. The normal operation of such equipment can ensure the normal operation of factory production. Therefore, the condition monitoring of rotating machinery is essential, while the vibration monitoring is the common means. With the development of large-scale, complex and systematic rotating machinery, the vibration signals generated in the operating process are more complex, which can not be analyzed to obtain the complete vibration characteristics by traditional stationary signal analysis methods, which should be combined with non-stationary signal analysis methods.With the rapid development of computer technology, Virtual Instrument emerges. As software as the core to accomplish the analysis and processing of vibration signals, the use of virtual instruments can reduce the number of traditional analysis instruments. What’s more, it can bring greater flexibility and maintainability. Consequently, it accounts for a significant share in the field of Measurement and Control. With the most popular software platform of virtual instrument, LabVIEW can efficiently realize data acquisition, signal analysis and processing, and data display and storage.Targeting at the present situation, at first, this paper achieves the research of basic theory of rotating machinery vibration, which mainly analyzes the categories and the monitoring parameters. What’s more, the operating and selection principle of three kinds of vibration pickups are studied. Then on this basis, the principles of using contact measurement method to obtain vibration signals and using non-contact measurement method to obtain speed signals are described.Secondly, analysis methods of rotating machinery vibration signal are studied, which mainly focus on the Fast Fourier Transform, Joint Time-Frequency Transform technology and Order Analysis techniques. On this basis, the non-stationary vibration signals are simulated and analyzed on LabVIEW software platform, and the results consistent with the computing results.Thirdly, aiming at the monitored object, the measuring points of vibration signal and speed signal are arranged. On the basis of the theoretical study, according to the general steps to establish data acquisition system, the hardware and software platforms of rotating machinery vibration measuring and analyzing system based on virtual instrument are established.Finally, using the established vibration measuring and analyzing system to monitor the engine shell vibration and the engine speed, the results of frequency domain and order domain are achieved, which accomplishes the vibration monitoring of the engine shell.

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