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Study on Soil Fertility Comprehensively Evaluation under the Different Land-using Ways in Karst Table Mountainous Land Cropped Location

Author TangXuePing
Tutor HeBingHui
School Southwestern University
Course Soil and Water Conservation and Desertification Combating
Keywords The Karst side Terrance Land use patterns Soil fertility Comprehensive Evaluation
CLC S158
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Essential plant nutrients in the soil, soil nutrient status of the soil nutrient content is an important symbol of the evaluation of soil fertility. Comprehensive evaluation of typical regional soil fertility research, to some extent objectively reflect the real situation of the soil, to determine the method of fertilization and tillage measures to provide a scientific basis for the optimization of land use patterns. The karst area is special and important landforms in southern China, and its peculiar topography, lithology special pedogenic low capacity, nutrients and soil erosion in serious condition, remediation difficult. Eastern Chongqing Nankasite hilly farming area and wide distribution, high coefficient of reclamation land serious nutrient loss, leading to the eutrophication of water bodies in the Yangtze River, a direct threat to the long-term stability of the Three Gorges Dam project. Therefore, the study of the soil profile fertility variation in southeast Chongqing hilly area in karst areas under cultivation under different land use patterns, to optimize land use patterns in the region, tillage practices and fertilization structure to provide a basis, but also for the Three Gorges Reservoir area of ??karst areas under cultivation comprehensive soil erosion control and provide basic data. In this paper, southeast Chongqing typical karst Fangshan terraced farming area for the study, soil fertility and a space in the Three Gorges Reservoir Area the hinterland Shizhu?? Yuet Lai town the monastery village Tile Fort Fang Shan terraced farming area five typical land use distribution of content, on soil organic matter (SOM), total nitrogen (TN), nitrogen (AN), total phosphorus (TP), available phosphorus (AP), potassium (TP), potassium (AP) seven major soil nutrient indicators to conduct a comprehensive determination of the level of soil nutrients under different land use patterns of the the typical karst Fangshan platform farming areas, the vertical variation of research and as a basis, a comprehensive evaluation of soil nutrient status of the soil fertility index in the study area, the results karst mountain Fangshan terraced farming land use pattern optimization and improved farming systems provide a scientific basis for the Three Gorges Reservoir Area. The results show that: (1) the study area, the overall level of soil nutrient content is low, more than half of the survey samples in the lower level; (2) in the 100cm soil, different land use types in soil organic matter (SOM) , total nitrogen (TN), nitrogen (AN), total phosphorus (TP), available phosphorus (AP), total potassium (TK), the content of available potassium (AK) showed a trend to decrease from the upper to the lower nutrient The content difference occurs mainly in the topsoil and subsoil layer; (3) different land use patterns have a greater impact on soil nutrient accumulation and distribution of the first three soil on Soil fertility indicators better than the latter two; (4 ) through the optimization of land use, tillage practices and fertilization, can effectively balanced karst Fangshan terraced farming area soil effective crop nutrient supply capacity, while reducing nutrient loss caused by tillage soil-point source pollution.

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