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H.264 Motion Estimation Algorithm and Application of hierarchical coding

Author ZhengShuang
Tutor LiuWeiZhong
School Huazhong University of Science and Technology
Course Microelectronics and Solid State Electronics
Keywords H.264 Motion Estimation Sampling optimization Scalable Coding
CLC TN919.81
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Information needs of modern multimedia rapid growth , thanks to the information source processing technology and network communication technology . The video coding technology is one important area . Latest H.264 video coding standard , because the compression rate and the advantages of network transmission is considered to be the next major video compression coding technology . The H.264 encoding complexity is the impact on its large-scale application of the bottleneck. How to maintain the advantages of H.264 encoded reduce its complexity and diversity make for great application environment still has a wide range of adaptability in order to enhance the practicality of H.264 coding standard is our problem to be solved . This paper studied the H.264 standard video encoding process , the focus of H.264 encoding part of the complex that is the highest principle of motion estimation and summarizes the current major motion estimation algorithm, test compare their performance . Then the H.264 standard can be extended hierarchical coding techniques . By analyzing the process of motion estimation in H.264 , discovery rate -distortion cost of distribution and macroblock partition size and the relationship between the reference frame is proposed based on sampling optimized fast motion estimation algorithm . The algorithm predicted search starting point , and then the multi-precision sampling searching , and then a fine search multiple templates , and finally to 1/ 4 pixel block diamond search . Sampling search combines video and summary of relevant rules, select adaptive search templates and candidate search point , and in a few steps to introduce a number of new search for adaptive threshold is used to determine the optimal solution in advance or early exclusion bad solution . Then test the algorithm with full search method and the classic fast algorithm uMHexagonS algorithms. The results showed that , compared to uMHexagonS algorithm, the proposed algorithm coded in maintaining image quality of the premise, the estimated average speed of its movement by 32 %, and has a strong versatility. H.264 video coding system to adapt to the network environment and the quality of service a variety of code stream . This paper will present a fast motion estimation algorithm is applied to the system , and adding predictive coding mode between layers of measures to reduce the complexity of hierarchical coding , test results show that hierarchical encoding speed by 20 % or more.

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