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Comparative Analysis of Ultrasonic Imaging Diagnosis and Pathological Diagnosis of Breast Lump

Author ZhaoLiHua
Tutor XuZheLi
School Jilin University
Course Clinical
Keywords Breast lumps Ultrasound Diagnostic Imaging Specimens Pathological diagnosis
CLC R655.8
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Objective: Ultrasound diagnosis of breast lumps and pathological diagnosis of comparative analysis , in-depth study on ultrasound imaging diagnosis of breast lumps qualitative and accuracy . Methods: In this paper, a diagnosis of 500 cases of breast lumps preoperative ultrasound imagery and body disease gross specimen images, pathological diagnosis were analyzed retrospectively . Results : 500 cases in 436 cases of benign lesions and malignant lesions of 64 cases . Of which 148 cases of fibroadenomas , duct dilatation in 47 cases, 59 cases of breast cysts , breast cysts plot , 62 cases of breast abscess in 35 cases , intraductal papilloma in 37 cases, other benign tumors in 48 cases, 10 cases of intraductal carcinoma , invasive 49 cases of ductal carcinoma , invasive lobular carcinoma in 5 cases. Conclusions: ( 1 ) ultrasound imaging of the breast lumps positioning accuracy was 100%. Its sonographic morphological analysis and judgment is the most important basis for the positioning of breast lumps . Direct signs include shape, location , orientation , diameter and anteroposterior diameter ratio , contour edges , internal echo , sound absorption characteristics . Indirect signs include proximity to structural distortions , the suspensory ligament is retracted or angled , with or without dilatation , skin, subcutaneous fat and pectoralis major changes. Dynamic observation including compressibility and mass activity . ( 2 ) ultrasound imaging is difficult to distinguish benign breast lesions and precancerous lesions, but by its specific indicators such as spiculation , vicious ring , echo-free zone and the internal mass flow signal to increase breast lumps qualitative accuracy. For common benign breast lesions: breast cysts, fibroadenomas , integrated milk cysts, intraductal tumors, mastitis diagnosis clearly showing its characteristic . ( 3 ) through the first ultrasound imaging pictures, ill gross specimen images and pathological analysis in the form of a control can be clearly demonstrated that ultrasound image positioning, qualitative characteristics , can produce strong visual effect , makes clear . Has a high practical value.

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