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Design and Manufacture of the Portable and Multi-point Scoliosis Traction Apparatus and Its Clinical Research

Author WangXiaoDong
Tutor ZhuJianYing
School Second Military Medical University
Course Nursing
Keywords Scoliosis Tow Nurse Appliance
CLC R687.3
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Objective: This topic intends to draw on the principle of scoliosis brace treatment and multi-point, the concept of multi-directional traction, including lateral ejector system and longitudinal traction system to be developed, portable two groups corrective force together to complete traction traction appliances for clinical patients with scoliosis preoperative traction to provide a traction traction appliance and traction method effective, easy to operate, high patient compliance. Method: ① lot of borrowed spine scoliosis brace conservative treatment, traction, surgical treatment literature, drawing on conservative treatment side thrust applied in the corresponding region of the scoliosis brace to reduce spine are abnormal force treatment principle, developed side side ejector;, and the already sliding scoliosis traction bed space, inconvenient to carry and storage problems improved, developed a portable scoliosis multi-point traction appliances. ② clinical application of the test object is compliant 40 patients, according to the random table is divided into the experimental group (portable scoliosis multi-point traction appliances traction group) and the control group (suspension group), 20 patients in each study the contents of the packet comparability studies, traction effect and its impact on the evaluation of the effect of the impact of the surgery, postoperative orthopedic research, traction compliance. Results: ① developed a portable scoliosis multi-point traction appliances, Dimension 1610 × 500 × 230mm, can be placed directly on the bed traction, small footprint, the bed when not in use before the split into the two parts convenient carrying and storage, traction using the the HG number of explicit pushed Rally, traction clear display, high accuracy; the ② grouped comparable findings show that the two groups of patients in age, sex, height, weight, Risser sign, scoliosis type , structural scoliosis region, the main bending span and the number of scoliosis, the different postural Cobb angle, spinal flexibility indicators was no significant difference (P gt; 0.05) between the two groups are comparable to; ③ The traction effect, and surgery, intraoperative after orthopedic effect study results show that the traction test and control groups before and after the effect of self-control, the effect of group were statistically significant (P lt; 0.01), traction control in the coronal plane T-Cobb angle, coronal plane B- Cobb angle TCR, BCR% existence of differences between the groups (P lt; 0.05). Test group in terms of operative time, blood loss, and postoperative complications better than the control group, a significant difference (P lt; 0.05) between groups, between groups was no significant difference (P postoperative radiographic parameters orthopedic effect gt; 0.05). (4) in patients traction compliance, the two groups of patients (P the lt; <.05) difference between the existence of groups in the upper and lower limbs ache, traction withstand time test group (about 45min / times) and the control group (about 1min / times) between the two groups were significantly different (P lt; 0.01) after traction patients portable scoliosis multi-point traction appliances subjective acceptance of higher test group that portable scoliosis multi-point traction apparatus traction good accounted for 90.0%, while the control group that own suspension group traction only 15.0%, a significant difference (P lt; 0.01) between groups. Conclusion: ① portable scoliosis multi-point traction appliance design is reasonable, easy to use. ② the use of portable scoliosis multi-traction apparatus for traction can effectively change the spine flexibility, the effective preoperative traction can reduce intraoperative and postoperative complications. The subjective acceptability ③ patients with multi-point portable scoliosis traction appliances traction higher than its own suspension traction, high compliance of patients such traction.

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