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Decompensated liver cirrhosis and liver fibrosis syndromes indices in

Author PuYongLi
Tutor WangJingJing
School Hunan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Course Traditional Chinese Medicine
Keywords Liver cirrhosis hepatic fibrosis pattern
CLC R259
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Purpose Observe the relationship between posthepatitic cirrhosis of different syndromes of liver fibrosis and Likelihood ratio and ROC curve in evaluation of sera marker for liver fibrosis.Methods:Choice after diagnosis 6 kind of card group’s hepatitis the liver cirrhosis commutation time patient 179 examples,(including Liver-Qi depression 49 examples,damp abundance due to splenic asthenia 26,liver kidney yin insufficiency33, spleen-kidney yang defficiency24, spleen-kidney yang defficiency21) and Healthy control group 30 examples, to examine the blood serum liver fibrosis target[hyaluronic acid(HA), laminin(LN), precollagenⅢ(PⅢP), collagenIV (IV-C)], application software spss 16.0 statistics for hepatitis and cirrhosis for a period of six different types of evidence to the controls and fibration of the indicators of a party of variance analysis and carries on the logistic regression analysis to each kind of card with 4 item of liver filament target’s relevance.Consequence1、Various syndromes of liver fibrosis indexes are increasing and statistically significant difference compared with normal control group(P<0.05), HA, LN and IV-C are the lowest type of liver cholestasis of the indicators, liver fibrosis of Blood stasis are the highest, Syndromes of indicators increased in regularity, most differences between them obvious and syndromes.2、Group in each of these syndromes, liver 4 fiber index of the difference was not statistically (P>0.05). If does not divide the card, obtains the logistic regression equation through the logistic regression analysis y=-170.887+2.051HA, demonstrated that HA the risk factor coefficient is 7.779, has statistics significance with other 3 target comparison difference with liver cirrhosis (decompensated) most closely.Conclusion1、There is a close relationship between transfomation between deficiency and excess of TCM syndrome about posthepatitic cirrhosis, hepatic fibrosis and state of an illness.2、HA of the cirrhosis patients have a certain significance identified can be used as a sensitive index of early prediction of cirrhosis of the liver3、Qi stagnation with liver cirrhosis may be at the most initial stage of the syndrome, qi is the start of factors of liver cirrhosis, blood stasis may be in decompensated liver cirrhosis and decompensated junction transition Stage of the syndrome, blood stasis is compensated to decompensated pathological changes in key factors.4、Liver qi stagnation may prevent chronic hepatitis and cirrhosis of the liver changes to important therapies, blood circulation may prevent liver cirrhosis to decompensated into an important treatment method.

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