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Interpersonal Function of Passive Voice in Natural Disaster news Texts

Author ShiChunZuo
Tutor WuXianZhong
School Jilin University
Course Foreign Linguistics and Applied Linguistics
Keywords Systemic Functional Linguistics Natural disaster news discourse Passive voice Interpersonal Meaning
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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This topic is intended from the perspective of systemic functional grammar, interpersonal function of passive voice in the natural disaster news discourse analysis, theory related to the interpersonal function in the three major functions. The interpersonal functions is one of the functions of the three languages ??Halliday so-called interpersonal function refers to the language also has the function of the expression of the speaker's identity, status, attitudes, motivation addition to the transmission of information. Using this feature, the speaker to make their own to participate in a situational context, to express his attitude and attempt to influence the attitudes and behavior of others, such as Halliday pointed out that, with a strong negative semantic load. It lexical resources: mood, modality, intonation, emphasis and other means of evaluation. Interpersonal meaning and interpersonal features two interchangeable concepts. The Interpersonal Function is the theoretical starting point of this paper, the main idea is reflected in the Halliday in 1985 and 1994, the book \Study abroad, Eggins and Slade to study the conversation Interpersonal Meaning pioneer in the use of systemic functional grammar. Halliday (1994) the interpersonal significance tone (mood) system and modality (modality) system. JR Martin is the Han linguistics ideolgy and development, his most important contribution to the development of the theory of interpersonal meaning. Evaluation (Appraisal) system theoretical framework initially formed in the 1990s. Later, Martin and P. White, with the creation of the evaluation system, and in 2000 established the evaluation system theory. Martin (2003) definition of the evaluation is on evaluation, that discourse negotiation attitudes involved in the emotional strength, as well as a variety of ways that value and Union readers, attitude, involvement and differential sub-systems constitute \About the systemic functional linguistics study began in the seventies, the eighties, a lot of this article is published. The functional grammar research contribution is Hu Zhuanglin,, 1997, the Hu Zhuanglin Xuke Rong et al in Language Teaching and Research \1984 Professor Hu Zhuanglin \book. The object of this paper is the passive voice of the English. The passive voice of the English as a common and complex linguistic phenomena, has long been the object of study of linguists and grammarians. Many well-known domestic and foreign scholars specialized research on passive voice, such as Fischer (1999) and Palmer (1974), respectively, from the point of view of the origin and function of the passive voice; the domestic scholars Yang Qiao (2003), Wang Junhua ( 2005), Wang Xiaojun (2006), the main discourse function of the passive structure, a more detailed analysis; Its Anti Wang Wenbin (2004), the cuckoo (2007) focus their information discussed. However, for specialized research on interpersonal function of the passive voice is still relatively rare. Many scholars believe that the meaning of the expression of the active voice and passive voice is exactly the same, such as Chomsky on behalf of the transformational generative grammar school, many of the systemic functional grammar scholars (Hu Zhuanglin, 2005:100) also believes that the active voice the concept expressed in the passive voice and the corresponding function and interpersonal function only from the discourse function analysis, speech focus is different. Although many scholars at home and abroad has been made, but in many ways interpersonal meaning of interpersonal meaning of the passive voice rarely, combined with a specific study of the discourse on the passive voice of interpersonal meaning less. This paper argues that the passive voice in addition to the obvious discourse function, but also has strong interpersonal function, it is a reflection of the form of interpersonal meaning. When the doer subsidiary of the language and the deliberate omission of the doer, the passive voice embodied interpersonal meaning is more abundant. In this paper, the problem the following three: (1) why the passive voice interpersonal function? (2) passive voice embodied interpersonal function? (3) the passive voice interpersonal function EFL Teaching What important revelation? selected corpus of 30 natural disaster news discourse, 30 natural disaster news from BBC News in 2009 and 2010. 21st century, the world has entered a crisis-ridden high-risk society, along with the social transformation and economic take-off is frequent to all types of major emergencies (including natural disasters, accidents, disasters, public health emergencies, social security incidents) . Catastrophic news reported incidents bring disasters to mankind, it is a kind of breaking news. Catastrophic events including natural disasters and social disaster two categories. A natural disaster is caused by force majeure or non-human factors from the nature of the human major accidents or natural disasters, such as earthquakes, typhoons, floods, volcanic eruptions, etc.; social disaster by human factors or various social contradictions caused by major emergencies, such as terrorist attacks, war, shipwreck, air crashes, traffic accidents, collapse of the bridge, down the floor, gas explosion and other major criminal cases or serious accidents. The Western media has been attached great importance to the catastrophic news, even catastrophic events called \American journalism professor Dr. Bill Bernie said: \News Awards over the years, award-winning works, it is not difficult to find that a considerable proportion of catastrophic news. In this paper, the news of the natural disaster in the disastrous news corpus, to study passive voice has a kind of natural disaster news interpersonal function and how to achieve it. Recent years, with the deterioration of the environment and ecological damage to the natural disaster-prone. Suffered from China's Wenchuan earthquake, Yushu Qinghai earthquake. Indonesia tsunami and volcanic eruption in Iceland and a series of natural disasters has brought great harm to people's psychological and life. The news media in the extensive coverage of major natural disaster, but also focus the public's attention to such news, so that people greatly concerned about such news. Natural disaster news as a branch of the news, naturally, has the general characteristics of news discourse. Passive voice as an important linguistic phenomenon in English News, English News. Natural disaster news discourse provides a rich corpus to study the passive voice, so that people focus on natural disaster news, but also noted that the language phenomenon, kill two birds with one stone. Through research, the following conclusions: (1) the passive voice in addition to the obvious textual function, but also has strong interpersonal function, it is a reflection of the form of interpersonal meaning. When the doer subsidiary of the language and the deliberate omission doer, interpersonal meaning of the passive voice. (2) passive voice of the people reflected in three aspects. First, interpersonal function is reflected in the choice of voice. Second, interpersonal function is reflected in the doer been deliberately omitted. Finally, interpersonal function is reflected in the process of transformation of the action. (3) This article from the BBC News 30 natural disaster news a small corpus, qualitative analysis and quantitative analysis with concrete examples drawn passive voice and interpersonal function of the natural disaster news discourse. The passive voice in the news discourse of natural disasters has five interpersonal function: to arouse the reader's attention, focus topic, off the hook, which means that the objective and the actions of those who bear that courtesy and respect. In theory, the study of the three primitive functions to systemic functional linguistics, especially interpersonal function as the theoretical basis based on Jesperson (1933) summarized the five uses of English passive voice, passive voice may embodied in human significance. The passive voice and Discourse closely combine the, isolated grammar study different from the past, reflecting the pragmatic value of the passive voice. The practical significance is mainly reflected in two aspects. The one hand, the meaning of the reader, on the other hand, the Foreign Language Teaching. This study for the news reader to provide a more effective ideas and means, so that readers read such news, not only to keep abreast of the time of the disaster, location, condition, but also a deeper understanding of the true intentions of the reported, as well as want to convey to the reader the real information. This study has certain guiding significance for EFL teaching the same: on the one hand, EFL teaching can enhance understanding of the language features, better teaching to develop learners' discourse appreciation and analysis capabilities, mainly reflected in the reading comprehension and listening comprehension; on the other hand can improve EFL learners' understanding of the relationship between language form and language function, help them choose a more appropriate form of language in the expression of specific language features, thereby strengthening their ability to use language, mainly reflected in the spoken conversation and written writing. The passive voice, the structure itself is not complicated, but because of its differences with the active voice in the structure, some passive sentences with the conditions that hosts the interpersonal meaning. Some passive sentences in action bear down to the location of the subject, the doer become subsidiaries language, highlights the importance of action to withstand the making of to express their attitude and willingness to achieve the purpose of communication; some passive sentences deliberately omitted the doer to reach the author's attitude and intentions in order to achieve the discourse purpose. Understanding with the context of the passive voice is closely related to the different scenarios can pass different interpersonal meaning, but more common is the author to pass through participation and open to question their own attitudes and intentions so as to achieve the purpose of communication.

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