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Cross Compatibility and Rapid Propagation Technology Research of Hemerocallis Middendorfii

Author HuangHuaHua
Tutor WeiAiLi
School Shanxi University
Course Botany
Keywords Hemerocallis middendorfii Cross compatibility Rapid propagation
CLC S682.19
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Hemerocallis middendorfii are Liliaceae families Hemerocallis genus perennial herbs, are polyploid blotchy varieties through high-tech means disposing on the basis of Hemerocallis. They are excellent garden and greenbelt flowers and very valuable plants resources. However,the fructification rate and propagation coefficient of Hemerocallis middendorfii was not high,this phenomenon limited the breeding of new varieties and large-scale propagation of existing varieties.In order to promote the breeding of new varieties and rapid propagation of existing varieties, the cross compatibility between different varieties and the influence of different hybrid methods on cross compatibility, reasons for the low fructification rate, Hemerocallis middendorfii rapid propagation technology and callus vitrification during subculture process were studied using different variety Hemerocallis middendorfii, from 2009.09 to 2010.10. The main results were descried as follows:1. The plant size, flower size, flower amount and flowering length of different varieties Hemerocallis middendorfii differed. Hemerocallis ’HuangXiuKe’there were best plant growth, the maximum flower amount and the longest flower length, flowers of Hemerocallis’Baltimore Oriole’ were the largest.2. The pollen vigor of Hemerocallis’Stella de Oro’, Hemerocallis ’XiangBao’, Hemerocallis ’HuangXiuKe’, Hemerocallis’Baltimore Oriole’ and Hemerocallis’TaiGuHong’were strong about eight in the morning, were 85.7%,86.1%,83.4%,80.9% and 84.6%.The pollen vigor were diminished at 10:00,were 59.6%,65.5%,58.2%,56.8% and 60.5%.3. The cross compatibility between different variety Hemerocallis middendorfii were different significantly, Hemerocallis ’Stella de Oro’(?)×Hemerocallis ’Baltimore Oriole’(?), the cross compatibility was the highest, fruit-bearing rate was 27.9%; Hemerocallis’Baltimore Oriole’(?)×Hemerocallis ’HuangXiuKe’(?), Hemerocallis’Baltimore Oriole’(?)×Hemerocallis ’Stella de Oro’(?), Hemerocallis’Baltimore Oriole’(?)×Hemerocallis ’XiangBao’(?), Hemerocallis’HuangXiuKe’ (?)×Hemerocallis ’Baltimore Oriole’(?), Hemerocallis’HuangXiuKe’(?)×Hemerocallis ’TaiGuHong’(?),Hemerocallis’Baltimore Oriole’ (?)×Hemerocallis’Huang XiuKe’(?),were completely incompatibility, fruit-bearing rate were 0%.4. The research of the influence of reciprocal cross on cross compatibility showed that:For hybrid combinations Hemerocallis ’Stella de Oro’and Hemerocallis ’XiangBao’ Hemerocallis ’HuangXiuKe’ and Hemerocallis’XiangBao’, Hemerocallis ’HuangXiuKe’ and Hemerocallis’ Stella de Oro’, the influence of reciprocal cross on cross compatibility was no significant difference; For hybrid combination Hemerocallis ’Baltimore Oriole’and Hemerocallis ’Stella de Oro’, the influence of reciprocal cross on cross compatibility was significant difference; For hybrid combination Hemerocallis ’HuangXiuKe’ and Hemerocallis ’Baltimore Oriole’, was completely embroidered for reciprocal cross.5. The research of the influence of different processing methods to stigmas on cross compatibility suggested that:Daubing stigmas with 2g/L NaCl solution anddifferent concentrations gibberellin, cutting the stigma and bolls pollination improved cross compatibility between conventional compatible Hemerocallis ’Butter Curls’ (?)×Hemerocallis’Stella de Oro’(?), but cannot make conventional incompatible combination. Hemerocallis ’HuangXiuKe’(?)×Hemerocallis’TaiGuHong’become havecross compatibility.6. The research of Hemerocallis middendorfii seed setting rate and reasons showed:(1)For compatible Hemerocallis middendorfii hybrid combination Hemerocallis’XiangBao’(?)×Hemerocallis’Stella de Oro’(?),the pollen vigor of female parents, the accept pollination ability of male parent stigmas, pollen tube germination and growth, embryos doom and so on affected fructification rate. But for incompatible Hemerocallis middendorfii hybrid combination Hemerocallis’HuangXiuKe’(?)×Hemerocallis’TaiGu Hong’(?), the main obstacle was that pollen tube could not germinate.(2)The research of the factors affect pollen germination by tissue culture method showed that:The change of sucrose, agar, and boric acid concentration in the medium influenced the germination rate of pollen of Hemerocallis middendorfii. Appropriate gelatin and boric acid concentration on the Hemerocallis middendorfii pollen germination was very important. Optimal pollen germination medium was:sucrose 15%+agar25mg/L+boric acid 0.5%.7. The research of the factors of influence Hemerocallis middendorfii rapid propagation suggested that:(1) During the process of cultivation, the different organization influenced callus starting rate, when the flower sections were used as explant, callus starting rate was the highest, was 20.9%; flower stem,second, was 7.9%, torus, the lowest, was 5.2%.(2) Red light, blue light and blue-red light all could improve Hemerocallis ’Stella de Oro’callus starting rate. The tesult of red light was the best, improved the starting rate forl 1.8%.8. Increasing agar and sucrose concentration, reducing ammonium nitrate concentration, choosing appropriate hormone concentration and ratio, improving training light intensity and choosing permeability sealing membrane could effectively reduce Hemerocallis middendorfii vitrification phenomenon in the course of cultivation.

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