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Based on laser direct writing of a microfluidic optical touch sensor array

Author LiXian
Tutor WuXingKun
School Zhejiang University
Course Measuring Technology and Instrument
Keywords Sense of touch Touch Sensing Microfluidic optical Integrated Optics Array Laser Direct Writing
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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With computers and the rapid development of communication technology, information processing capabilities continue to improve, in addition to the continuous improvement of the running speed of the device, but also requires more interactive interface to facilitate the reaction rate is increasing. Touch is the external environment of human perception is an important sense, is the realization of human interaction with the surrounding objects important means. However, the structure of the human body than all current bionic devices are much more complex, from the tactile signal generation, transmission and feedback to the cerebral cortex to distinguish it among all of the process can be completed within a very short time. Based on the principle of making optical touch sensing technology in high-speed than the existing capacitors, resistors, such as surface acoustic wave touch sensing technology has greater potential and advantages. In recent years, more and more applications of optical sensors, has attracted many of the world scientific bodies. The optical touch sensing technology mainly refers to the use of light as an information carrier, the light is modulated by the optical transmission parameters vary with the outside world technologies. It has a high resolution, high accuracy, anti-electromagnetic interference, low power consumption, etc., and the use of fiber optic lines and other ways can be greatly simplified arrangement. This paper studies the optical touch sensing technology for the purpose of designing a new microfluidic optical touch sensing unit structure, to achieve continuous proportional to outside pressure measurement, can be used to simulate robot tactile and small size touch screen applications; adoption laser direct writing technique production of the device, the process is simple, reduce device cost and improve production efficiency. The main contents of this paper include: First, the introduction of the current robot tactile sensing technology and touch-screen technology, the basic situation, a detailed analysis of the various types of electrical and optical sensor works, compared with optical touch touch electrical characteristics of the work, highlighting the optical Touch the high-speed, high resolution and so on. Secondly, the design of a new type of optical touch sensing unit microfluidic structure, to achieve a continuous scale of external stress measurement, the structure is simple, rapid response. Three different cross-sectional area of ??the waveguide structure in the optical design software ZEMAX simulation analysis, discussing cross-sectional size of the waveguide structure of the sensing signals, and this was also an important factor in the decision device size. Again, this microstructure preparation process and processes in detail. Produced by laser direct writing device, you can get consistent with the design of the fine structure and high accuracy, fast speed and low cost. In particular, in the preparation of the array structure is of great significance for improving the efficiency. Finally, the experimental platform build system for preparation of the touch sensing unit for testing. Experimental results show that the structure of the touch sensing optical signals can be realized with a continuous proportional change in the external pressure, and the sensitivity of 0.995mV/kPa.

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