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Sandstorm scene parametric modeling and rendering research

Author GongLiShan
Tutor WangZhangYe
School Zhejiang University
Course Applied Computer Technology
Keywords Sandstorm Natural scene simulation Parametric modeling Meteorology Visibility Assessment
CLC P445.4
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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Sandstorm is a strong world-wide multiple severe weather phenomena , endangering the survival of the human environment , the impact of economic and social activities. Sandstorm scene physics-based parametric modeling and rendering for sandstorm disaster forecasting , prevention and dust storms on the environment impact assessment to help, has great social significance and economic value. Chapter 1 of this article describes the scene of the simulated sandstorm significance , recalling the meteorological community and computer graphics theory and technology -related academic research progress and a brief description of the main research work . Chapter 2 describes this first storm formation mechanisms and fluid simulation meteorological model and the model based on the above mechanism , to be a reasonable simplification , using the Eulerian grid-based fluid model for dynamic scenes sandstorm different mechanisms such as: from sand, up-flow and interaction with the environment modeling , respectively . Establish a parameterized sandstorm scene modeling methods, through different physical interface input meteorological parameters such as pressure, temperature , dust grains major radius , dust grain density , surface dryness , scene type, etc. , to generate specific weather conditions different sandstorm scene. Finally simulation model described in the GPU sandstorm in implementation, given the simulated processes. Chapter 3 of this paper presents an improved algorithm for real-time rendering sandstorm scene . Firstly, volume rendering and multi- scattering elaborate mechanisms proposed and implemented a multi -byte slice forward scattering volume rendering model . The model is fully considered dust particles interacting with ambient light , which greatly simplifies the calculation of the overall amount of scattering model : proposed based on meteorological parameters sandstorm scene visibility forecasting model , and uses GPU acceleration technology to realize the different types of varying degrees sandstorm scene real-time rendering . Finally , Chapter 4 , the author of this study summarized the work , and proposed further study of this topic and its key technology development direction .

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