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An Analysis of the Fodder Purchasing Conduct of Egg Farmers in the Food Safety Visual Angle

Author WangQiongYao
Tutor ZhouYingHeng
School Nanjing Agricultural College
Course Industrial Economics
Keywords hens breeding feed purchasing food safety melamine
CLC F326.3
Type Master's thesis
Year 2009
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As the consumptive necessary of people’s living, the quality and safety degree of eggs directly affect people’s life health and life quality. However, egg quality and safety issues have been out of non-poor. In the second half of 2008, "melamine" let the dairy industry collectively fall. Then "melamine" also has been detected in the egg, like a blow to consumer confidence in food safety in China. The eggs’industry suffered a loss.According to the expert research, "melamine" is a man-made feeding layer added to the feed in feeding laying hens. The hens feed, then "bio-enrichment" to the eggs. Layers farmers do not have a feed mill, and most of the feed buys from the traders. What feed they choose indirectly impact the eggs quality and safety. In this issue, Dongtai egg farmers, for example, through questionnaires, from the household social characteristics, economic characteristics, awareness of the melamine and the external environmental characteristics, etc., the system described Dongtai 10 townships hens farming households in purchase of the general behavioral characteristics of the feed and the use of Logistic model influence farmers to purchase pollution-free hens or green feed, the factors that made a quantitative study of behavior and finally put forward in line with our practical protection layer breeding egg quality and safety of the countermeasures and proposals. The main findings are as follows:1, Layers farmers on the cognitive level of melamine are not high. The vast majority of farmers have heard of melamine layer, but the basic stay on the surface level, the lack of depth of understanding of melamine, melamine into the eggs do not understand the role of theory.5 basic knowledge questions all answered correctly only 35 households, accounting for 14.3% of all the investigators.2, Layers farmers to buy feed for the lack of quality and safety assurance. Up to 32.7% of the laying hen farmers to buy non-branded, non-feed manufacturers, investigators, only 90 to purchase brand name and get certified pollution-free or green feed. The vast majority of hens’farmers and feed suppliers do not sign a written quality assurance agreement, that is, up to an oral commitment to farmers to buy feed, the lack of quality assurance. Dongtai feed market disorder, and feed quality mixed and individual vendors will be selling low-quality feed, the entrance to the egg farmers, farmers lack the knowledge to distinguish the quality of feed, seeking cheap. Buy cheap poor-quality feed.3, Trade association or the role of cooperative organizations are not into full play. Industry associations or cooperative organizations, farmers mainly for laying hens to provide the necessary technical training, literacy, and help small-scale aquaculture farmers in eggs sold in the market. However, generally speaking, the role of the two has not yet been fully utilized. First of all, layers of the industry, farmers associations or cooperative organizations of self-involvement is not high, only 26.3% of rural households to participate, and to some extent, to participate in a passive state; second, was co-organized by industry associations or technical guidance and services to effective coverage of farmers is very limited. Participation in industry associations or cooperative organizations of farmers, only 47.7% of rural households received technical guidance and services; third, egg farmers through the associations or organizations to achieve the interests of the function and role of self-protection have not been due to play a. When poor farmers buy feed, veterinary drugs, the breeder can not safeguard their legitimate interests, usually only bad luck.4, Through the layers farmers feed factors affecting buying behavior of the Logistic model analysis found that egg farmers purchase feed, mainly by farmers of sex, age, number of years of poultry, domestic population, eggs, the proportion of income in total household income on cognition of melamine, and the relationship between companies and external organizations, as well as whether the government support and other factors, and the degree of influence of different factors and direction are also varied. In particular, Culture’s gender, age, chickens the number of years, family size and the number of farmers to purchase access to quality and safety certification a negative correlation between feed; right awareness level of melamine, whether to participate in the industrialization of pig-raising areas and could be related services whether the Government’s support and its positive correlation.5, A clear impact egg farmers buy feed, based on behavioral factors, drawing on the safety of foreign egg production and management experience, it proposes strengthening the quality and safety of our eggs in policy recommendations. These mainly include:the Government should increase the control of feed sales market order; increase the state’s macro-control efforts, improve egg quality and safety standard system; establish a strict system of quality and safety standard hens; integrate and optimize resources to develop large-scale breeding laying hens; strengthening technical training and promotion, give full play the positive role of trade associations; enhancing quality and safety of egg production of organizational innovation. Layers promote fish farming operations; to increase research and development of deep processing of eggs in its efforts to promote the development of an egg processing industry.

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