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Ship's ballast system simulation software research and design

Author QiangGuangMing
Tutor ChenJian;DuXiuHua
School Shanghai Jiaotong University
Course Control Engineering
Keywords Ballast system Simulation Power bond graph Visual Graph Visual C #
CLC U664.9
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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Ship ballast system is an important part of the ship, its main role is: According to the ship's operational needs, the cabin for injection or discharge, in order to achieve the following purposes: to adjust the ship's draft, displacement and hull vertical and horizontal balance and maintain adequate metacentric height; reduced hull deformation, reducing hull vibration; taken in order to prevent biological invasions replacement water operations. With the ship types, uses and different tonnage, ballast tanks on board the location, size and number are also different. More importantly, the ship's ballast system consists of pumps, valves, ballast tanks and various annexes, their control logic design are not the same. In order to provide a suitable design staff ballast system control functions for testing, simulation and research platform, design a separate ballast system simulation software applications and has a strong research value. In order for the ship's ballast water system operation process of dynamic simulation and research, this paper establishes the entire ship's ballast water system simulation model. Specifically, based on the knowledge of fluid mechanics, and use power bond graph approach, including the establishment of the pipe network and the basic elements of the simulation model. With third-party COM component Visual Graph, use Visual C # to develop ballast water system dynamic simulation and monitoring software. Simulation software pumps, valves, and other components modular cabin, built by editing and other operations specific topology. The operator can carry out on the basis of ballast water, drainage and other simulation operation, while the level changes, valve open, alarms, etc. to monitor the situation. This article based on a large LNG ship centralized control system design and simulation of a drilling platform centralized control system simulation design of learning, made the following tasks: First, the ballast water system from the perspective of the composition and function were studied. Specifically, the focus from the point of view of fluid mechanics for the ballast system statics and dynamics analysis; basic modules of the ballast system physical characteristics, flow characteristics, the pressure loss, etc. of the study and based on the use of this power bond graph approach to establish a basic module ballast system model; studied the pumps, valves and other modules of the control logic, and illustrates a typical pump, valve logic. Second, the software design tools and environment for the research work. Specifically, the software examines the real-time requirements; selected the more popular interface design and development software Visual C #; pair of third-party components used in the design of the Visual Graph carried out study and research, and details the implementation and functionality of the component process. Third, the implementation process simulation software was introduced. Specifically, the first under the requirements of object-oriented programming, relying on COM Component Visual Graph establish a basic module ballast system graphics library; secondly, introduces the simulation process schematic drawing and modeling methods; Finally, the entire operation of the software, simulation , implementation are described. Fourth, the software evaluation and summary. Specifically, first analysis software problems, effectiveness, evaluation summary; secondly, for improvement of the design of the software and to further improve the direction and vision for prospect summary.

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