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Material substance of the performance of contemporary architecture

Author HanQian
Tutor FanWenBing
School Shanghai Jiaotong University
Course Architectural Design and Theory
Keywords Material Materiality Natural Stone Build Structure Surface Area
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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The basic material is an architectural problem, the problem of the material has been studied and discussed in different ways throughout the entire history of architecture. In contemporary architectural practice, because of the impact of philosophy as well as new materials, processing technology and construction methods to bring the possibility of material performance exhibits a very diverse look. If the material expression of a substance as a standard, can be roughly divided into two trends: materiality and substance concealed sexual performance. The former imitation, symbols and graphics into the characteristics, the latter, based on their own property, with the processing and construction methods reveal relevant characteristics. This article from the perspective of building the body to express the materiality of material for clues, using natural stone throughout the architectural history of this material specific resolution. Through the detailed interpretation of the relevant cases, control material architects to explore the expression of materiality reasons, trying to restore the entire building design process and construction materials processing means and the associated nodes and detail design, exploration of natural stone materials in contemporary manifestations may sex. This paper discusses the material mainly consists of three parts. The first part of the structural properties of natural stone. The expression needs to establish structural properties of the material as the main structural component (or a non-self-supporting structural members) basis. Among them, the stone or in a single architecture to withstand loads, or in conjunction with other types of structures to withstand loads hybrid architecture. The former means that the existing structural system of inheritance and development, the latter often for new construction method of exploration and innovation. The second part of the surface properties of natural stone. Mainly refers to the material surface properties tactile and visual features, such as texture, color, texture, transparency, etc., is the people through direct sensory perception for the material. Processing technology and construction methods is an important factor affecting the surface properties, architects and construction of the processing operation, control or even omitted in different material impact on the level of surface texture or transparency performance. Third, other factors to material additions and extensions. Construction will fall to a specific location on the material issues are bound to specific environmental factors have relations - climate, geography, culture, use, time and other factors can be given concrete meaning of material, but also the necessary material to material supplement. This paper attempts to analyze the material to material and arguments, emphasizing the material, structure, construction in architecture in an important position, as the building ontological thinking and additions. Stone also discussed in detail with the specific practices of the reason. In addition, the material substance of thinking can cause us to some of the country over the pursuit of non-body elements, ignoring materials, construction questionable practices reflection.

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