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The Research of Channel Model Simulation in Optical Space Communication

Author JiangChen
Tutor XuXiaoFeng
School Jilin University
Course Optics
Keywords Space Optical Communication Atmospheric attenuation Atmospheric turbulence Noise Simulation Channel model
CLC TN929.1
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Space optical communication is an excellent communications technology since the invention of the laser, the countries in the world have a lot of research on the theory and practice. Compared with microwave communications, space laser communication has many incomparable advantages: large capacity laser communications, not crowding the original communication band, flexible networking; emits a light beam narrow, good direction, and a significant increase in power density; resistance to electromagnetic interference, confidentiality, etc.. Transfer rates and information security, the price is very high laser can be applied to the satellite, digital satellite, satellite and space shuttle high rate of information transfer. Atmospheric random channel has been the difficulty of research in this field, so mastered space optical communication transmission characteristics of the laser beam has a very important impact for the in-depth study, all countries attach great importance to and has done a lot of research work. For the current communication technology, it is necessary to a better describe the model of the basic properties of the channel, and thus can be carried out in its upper basic simulation research and development work. In this paper, the actual research project, carried out a detailed study of the deep-space theory, deep space orbit dynamics simulation, as well as monitoring and control simulation and eventually the space optical communication system simulation received in different channels. The key to this thesis space optical communication profile and its significance, a more detailed analysis of the space optical communication systems and key technologies, including the main components of the space laser communication systems, and its working process and communication system design technology and the light receiving system is analyzed. In this paper in order to analyze the channel of communication link, the entire link design, consider the factors of power and Optical. And analyzes the The beam propagation attenuation, atmospheric attenuation, and the impact of their noise, and establish link channel model as the basis of a combination of space communication theory. In order to achieve the final simulation, build a more complete space laser communication link channel model, the model is a simulation of beam transmission model, the model of atmospheric turbulence, noise transmission model and the received signal model composed of four parts. Beam propagation model describes the angle of the light the channel signal light pulse diffusion and through the media generated attenuation, and its calculation of the received optical power formula; atmospheric turbulence model including refractive index spectrum model of atmospheric turbulence and atmospheric refractive index structure constant Cn2 model simulation, mainly on the effects of atmospheric turbulence; noise model study model the transmission of the light source such as the sun, the sky, its noise received optical power; receive signal model, including the law of statistical probability distribution of the signal power and light field. Actual simulation part is designed according to the theoretical model of the communication link, the software process and to arrive at the simulation waveform analysis of simulation results of the simulation module for editing. Finally, based on the work he has done, summed up the problem of the simulation system and the future of some personal recommendations, I hope to be helpful for future research.

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