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Study on Dynamic Characteristics of Groundwater and Monitoring Network Optimization in Jinan Spring

Author ZhangJianZhi
Tutor ZhaoShuQuan;XingLiTing
School Jinan University
Course Hydrology and Water Resources
Keywords Groundwater Dynamic Characteristics Monitoring Network Groundwater trend surface JINAN
CLC P641.7
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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With the rapid development of social economy, people's increasing demand for groundwater resources. Over-exploitation of groundwater will not only cause ground subsidence, ground fissures, subsidence and other geological disasters, but also cause falling water tables deterioration of groundwater quality and other environmental issues. JINAN herein as the study area, the groundwater level domain analyzed during spring and interannual dynamics discussed groundwater factors affecting groundwater level time series analysis and trend surface, the last of the groundwater monitoring network has been optimized . Research paper on the protection of springs in Jinan, forecasts and groundwater monitoring network has a positive role in optimizing the next step. The main conclusions and innovations are: a study of nearly 60 years, the groundwater level series data analysis the following conclusions: Overall, the recharge area, runoff areas, groundwater discharge areas with rainfall close, was significantly seasonal runoff areas where groundwater recharge area with better consistency, groundwater discharge areas in the flood season the fastest rising; were analyzed sixties of last century, the seventies and eighties, nineties and after 2003 groundwater characteristics , overall, the water table through the \(2) Multiple linear regression models were investigated atmospheric precipitation, artificial impact of mining on groundwater and rainfall through the establishment of many years, the amount of urban mining, extraction and groundwater level in the peripheral regression model to study the sixties of last century, seventies and eighties and artificial precipitation effects of mining on groundwater situation that sixties when rainfall and rainfall in the previous year has a significant influence on the groundwater level, but no significant effect on the amount of mining, especially in the seventies and eighties exploitation is a peripheral extraction has a significant influence on the groundwater level, rainfall had no significant effect, and that after the nineties spring area groundwater by atmospheric precipitation, labor exploitation, artificially combined effect of water conservancy, water conservancy projects in which human impact is more significant. 3 using gray model - Spectrum Analysis Model - autoregressive model combined model to analyze the 2007-2009 average monthly groundwater level Baotu sequences and found that spring area in recent years showed an increasing trend in groundwater levels, to find a time The main period of one year, which reflects the seasonal variations in groundwater through the model accuracy test showed good accuracy of the model can be used to predict the groundwater level. The first time the polynomial trend surface analysis model is applied to the analysis of groundwater Jinan spring, using software made surfer trend surface water table variation diagram, a division of a regional groundwater level anomalies, and analyzes the cause of abnormal groundwater anomalies. 4 For JINAN existing groundwater monitoring network layout situation, using ordinary kriging to the monitoring point density optimization, as calculated variogram γ (h) = 0.3085 hi0j.5551, proposed a new research area increased 11 monitoring wells to remove an optimization program monitoring wells, monitoring points after optimization theory variance monitoring requirements are met. Finally, the confidence interval of the mean water table as the optimization objective, combined with statistical theory to groundwater monitoring frequency optimized think five days once the frequency of monitoring is reasonable.

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