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Research and Design of Weather Products Algorithm Based on Dual Polarization Doppler Radar

Author DingHui
Tutor ZhangXingGan
School Nanjing University
Course Signal and Information Processing
Keywords Dual-Polarization Doppler radar Meteorological products algorithm
CLC P412.25
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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The weather forecast is more and more important for the National daily life, agricultural and industrial production. Especially accurate forecasting and monitoring of severe weather, the relevant departments can prepare for it in advance, to minimize the loss of life and property of the masses, is of great significance to the national economy. The weather radar can quickly and accurately detect meteorological information and weather forecasting. Analysis of weather radar data for a series of meteorological characteristics data, weather radar data products, can provide an important basis for meteorological forecasts. Car dual linear polarization of X-band Doppler weather radar-based, first introduced the overview of our weather radar, compared Dual-Polarization Doppler radar and other weather radar advantage after a brief description of the dual linear polarization Doppler radar principle and basic parts. Second Dual-Polarization Doppler radar detection principle and some important parameters, such as: horizontal and vertical reflectivity factor ZH and ZV differential reflectivity ZDR, differential propagation phase change and differential propagation phase constant, zero lag correlation coefficient. Then studied basic data information obtained through the use of dual linear polarization Doppler weather radar echo intensity, radial velocity and velocity spectrum width data, detailed analysis processing, coordinate transformation and calculation, which get principle of intuitive meteorological data and the image of the product generated, and wherein several important product calculation detailed derivation and discussion. The paper also studies and design product generation Doppler weather radar system, X-band dual-channel Dual-Polarization Doppler Weather Radar secondary products generated terminal consists of two parts: the product to generate terminal (RPG) and the user terminal (PUP ). RPG and PUP is based on C / S structure of the network, the communication between the TCP / IP protocol as a server-side, RPG, generate products and issued product, PUP as the client is responsible for the download request submitted to the server-side and some of the interworking with the client, the server-side support multi-user mode of operation, the resulting product can be simultaneously provided to multiple users. Finally, research and design the the algorithm software process, software flow chart is given. Speed ??azimuth the product (VAD) and synthetic shear (CS), a detailed discussion of the vertical liquid water content (VIL), which also becomes synthetic cut product algorithm to make improvements.

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