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Miniature Telemetry Capsule vitro magnetic tracking technology

Author LiaoYing
Tutor JiangPingPing
School Shanghai Jiaotong University
Course Precision instruments and machinery
Keywords Hall sensor Magnetic dipole model Data Processing Magnetic tracking
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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Interventional medical devices in order to solve the positioning of the body , the paper 863 projects ( No. : 2006AA04Z368) funding and support to Shanghai Jiaotong University for the detection of gastrointestinal pH, temperature , pressure and other physiological parameters and the development of the human gastrointestinal tract noninvasive treatment system for the technical background , based on the Hall effect magnetic field detection methods are compared in vitro depth research , trying to find a workable principle , to meet the practical requirements , easy to use and reliable magnetic positioning method . Compare the current existence of various positioning methods and found that based on the Hall effect magnetic positioning with non-contact, fast , easy application characteristics. This paper analyzes the spatial distribution of magnetic field of permanent magnets on a regular basis , we propose a new field based on permanent magnets and Hall sensor array in vitro magnetic tracking technology, and designed a magnetic tracking system in vitro . The system workflow as follows : First, in the human gastrointestinal tract for detecting micro- treatment device placed within a particular permanent magnets as the magnetic source ; Then , place the patient in vitro using a linear Hall sensor module array of sensors to detect the human body after the micro- device field information ; after detection information via the microcontroller, programmable amplifier (PGA), AD converter control module for processing composition ; finally, by the master computer to solve the magnetic dipole model equations to calculate the position of the permanent magnet , to determine the spatial position of the micro-device body coordinates purposes. Hall sensor array based on the development of in vitro magnetic tracking system and experimental optimization of the system , the system performance simulation and experimental intestinal plane experiment . Experimental results show that the positioning accuracy in the millimeter level , the absolute control error range of 18mm or less , about 95 % of the point of the error is in the range of ± 15mm , fully meet the application requirements . This system can accurately determine the spatial position of the permanent magnet is located , has a non- contact measurement , simple operation, high precision , as a valid observation in the human gut micro medical devices provided. But how will the human gut micro- device location visually effective expressed, still need further study.

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