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The Influence of Emulsifier on Emulsification and Sizing of Cellulose-Reactive Sizing Agent

Author YangLei
Tutor LiuWenXia
School Shandong Institute of Light Industry
Course Pulp and Paper Engineering
Keywords AKD ASA Emulsification Chitosan CMC Starch Sizing Small molecule amine Urea
CLC TS727.5
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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With the widespread use of the improved machine speed and retention aids, sizing agent emulsion with a positive charge has no longer has a retention on the edge; while the use of an anionic polymer emulsion paper sizing agent can not only reduce the amount of emulsifier , also the preparation of a high concentration of the sizing agent emulsion. The papers on the functional groups, different electrical several common polysaccharide polymer reactive sizing agent AKD and ASA emulsification and sizing the role of system research and ASA emulsion with traditional emulsifier cationic starch with facilities The the glue the role of the comparison; emulsification and sizing effect and its influencing factors; emulsification and sizing effect observed small molecule amines; explore the urea and polysaccharide polymer with the role of the ASA emulsification and sizing . The results showed that the oxidized starch good emulsifying effects of ASA, uniform and stable emulsion formed, and the ASA emulsion was prepared under the same conditions as cationic starch emulsified ASA emulsion particle size smaller, but the sizing effect is similar. The best the oxidized starch emulsifying ASA: relatively ASA amount of 20% of the oil-water ratio of 1:3, emulsifying time 3min, shearing speed 4000rpm. Found that when the polysaccharide polymers with different functional group-containing emulsified ASA: carboxyl group content of the carboxymethyl cellulose (CMC) is within a certain range contribute to the emulsification of ASA and to improve the sizing effect of the ASA, but more than a certain amount, a lot of carboxyl group will promote the hydrolysis of the ASA unfavorable emulsification; methyl-cellulose (MC)-ASA can also be emulsified into a small particle size and a stable emulsion, but the sizing effect of the resulting emulsion is poor; containing an amino group of chitosan can not be ASA emulsified into a stable emulsion. In addition, the course of the analysis on the the emulsified impact factors can also infer Al3 in the papermaking process, in addition to improve the retention of the ASA and improve the sizing effect, with the combination of hydrolyzate to improve the paper sizing degree. Emulsifying AKD, under the conditions of the same amount and the best ratio of oil, the degree of substitution of 0.9 CMC, viscosity the MC and viscosity of 800 mPa · s to 1,000 mPa · s chitosan good emulsifying effect on AKD, and the resulting AKD emulsion smaller particle size, uniformity and stability, and achieved a good degree of sizing. The three dosage in 6% (AKD) and oil-water ratio of 1:5 emulsifying effect of AKD optimal. The presence of the small molecule amine is not conducive to the MC, CMC AKD emulsion; CMC to promote the emulsification of chitosan on AKD, and the degree of substitution of 0.9 CMC for the best 15% the amount of chitosan. Terms of the each of the small molecule amine, triethylamine and tributylamine no significant impact on the emulsification and sizing of the ASA, urea can improve the stability and sizing effect of the ASA emulsion, even when the ASA dosage of only 0.4%, urea co CMC emulsification of ASA emulsion also has a good sizing effect, and the sizing degree is increased with the increase of the amount of urea. The retention system obvious impact on this role of CPAM / laponite retention aid than CPAM / bentonite better.

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