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Reality in the Absurd World-Stylistic Analysis of the Room

Author YuanHao
Tutor DongLi
School Hebei University of Science and Technology
Course English Language and Literature
Keywords Theatre of the Absurd Stylistics Foregrounding Theory Speech Act Theory
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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Drama as a literary form, has a distinctive stylistic features, but linguists less dramatic stylistic research, and most surrounding conversation analysis and turn - from the point of view of the prospects of the drama text relatively few. In this thesis, Linguistics, Stylistics theory as a basis for the 2005 Nobel Prize winner Harold Pinter Theatre of Absurd \explore the stylistic features of the dramatic text. Prospects formation dramatic style in the way, so it is widely used in stylistic studies can be divided into two categories: the deviation (quality foregrounding) and unconventional (number of foregrounding). The former refers to deviate from or run counter to the conventional language phenomenon, primarily through variation; latter refers to a linguistic phenomenon occur at high frequency, it stand out from the background constitute unconventional, in order to attract the reader's attention, repeat The peaceful conduct of the primary means. \. Speech act theory-based research provides another important theoretical basis and analysis tools can be used to reveal the delicate and complex interpersonal drama, and fully demonstrated the absurdity of the character dialogue. Based on these two theories, this study reveals the \form of the reality behind the theme. This paper analyzes show drama The ideas and character, the prospects of the characteristics of the different language levels from multiple dimensions. Hero Rose's language is simple and straightforward, and the average sentence length of only five words, rarely use more than three syllables difficult words, big words, very similar to the dialogue with the real-life characters, but repetitive, meaningless and cents no logical absurdity in the form. According to the analysis of speech act theory, the authors found that the speaker in order to achieve the real purpose tend to follow the principles of speech acts, which reveals the relationship with the conflict between the two sides, their opinions, attitudes, and speak. All in all, the \Abnormal characters in the drama and grotesque, but also happens to show the absurdity of social reality. Of research absurd dramatic texts there are many prospects of features and the feasibility of the speech act theory: the of foregrounding theory and speech act principle strong theoretical tools for the analysis of absurd drama text, important clues Style help text research tends objective, scientific, help readers better appreciation of literature, contribute to the dramatic interpretation of the theme, explain that they have perhaps other stylistic thinking can not match. These scholars are worth their concerns, and in-depth study.

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