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Indoor Property Evaluation and Field Application Test of Natural Gas Drag Reduction Agent

Author CaoYun
Tutor HeLiMin
School China University of Petroleum
Course Heating,Gas Supply, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Engineering
Keywords Natural gas DRA The Indoor Loop Aerosol filling Performance Evaluation Industrial Test
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Injected directly into the gas drag reducing agent to form a layer of smooth liquid film in the pipe wall, dramatically reducing the frictional resistance of the gas-solid interface, to achieve the effect of drag reduction increased output. Compared to the inner coating drag reduction technique, a simple device; disposable low inputs; filling according to need; both for the new pipeline, also be used for the transformation of the construction of the old pipe. Effectively improve the delivery of elasticity of the pipe, the investment cost. At home and abroad in the natural gas DRA few have not screened particular excellent DRA, and the drag reduction effect is not very stable, high-pressure natural gas pipeline DRA is able to bring considerable effect need further evaluation. Therefore, the DRA performance evaluation has become an indispensable intermediate links, DRA practical application of great significance. This design has built a natural gas pipeline DRA indoor ring road simulation evaluation device which not only the soaked film-forming static test can also be used aerosol filling dynamic film-forming test. Hydraulic analysis shows that the ring road system, the loop evaluation system Reynolds number of about 105, in a turbulent area. Wall shear stress field pipeline in the same order of magnitude, and therefore can be approximated simulated field pipe, drag reduction effect and shear resistance evaluate the performance of the film-forming effect of the natural gas DRA. The set of interior loop evaluation device, the first of AFOMB, OIM, OPEM, PPEM concentration and complex synergy of drag reduction effect the static evaluation test, then PPEM, PPDTM the the dynamic evaluation test aerosol filling. Drag reduction effect best PPDTM drag reduction effect in the vicinity of 7% concentration and 140Nm3 / h flow rate up to 16.6%, and the continued use of one week after the drag reduction rate can be maintained at about 8%; followed by ppem static tests and dynamic tests drag reduction rate reached 12.38% and 6%, and better compatibility with the hydrate inhibitor and corrosion inhibitor; again for the OPEM 0.2g/100ml concentration, the best drag reduction effect, drag reduction rate reached a maximum of 8.0%; 140 Nm3 / h flow conditions AFOMB, OIM separate role, there was no significant drag reduction effect, but both the drag reduction rate after the 6:12 ratio of compound to achieve 5.41%. Preparation tons concentration of 7% ethanol solution of PPEM DRA DRA site at the actual natural gas pipeline filling test. Field test, we can find: DRA injection, the average pressure drop of the pipe between the first and last stop in the same flow has been reduced, the drag reduction rate was 13.12 to 17.81%. The DRA not only be able to play the role of the drag reduction increased output, good compatibility with the condensate pipe, corrosion inhibitor and antifreeze, and not the downstream natural gas purification and adversely affect the sub-transmission, A great development potential of the new DRA.

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