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Synthesis of Photosensitive Peptides and Research on Photocycloadditon

Author XuKai
Tutor ZhangYan
School Nanjing University
Course Chemical Engineering
Keywords Spiropyran Spirooxazine 10 -membered lactone ring [ 42 ] cycloaddition
CLC O621.3
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Photochemistry is a structure of novel compounds and the discovery of new reaction is an important method , the use of light as an energy source development photocatalytic solar photoelectrochemical cell research has become a very active area of ??research and has made effective progress. The reversible structural changes can occur in the light photosensitivity small organic molecules have a variety , including the spiropyran , spirooxazine , fulgide and diarylethene , azo- benzene, etc., they have already been widely used in organic synthesis as well as in biological systems . Hydrogel as a \Supramolecular hydrogels based on short peptides self-assemble to form a good biological compatibility of functional materials , while taking advantage of the short peptide molecules to build hydrogel system in the synthesis is simple , fast, good biological compatibility and important the biological function of such advantage. Spiropyran spirooxazine molecular structure modification , the use of solid-phase synthesis method in my paper , short peptides received such photosensitive molecules , synthesis of a series of photosensitivity peptides , as having a hydrogel-forming performance of a candidate molecule . The 10 -membered lactone ring structure of the compound exists widely in natural products such as tannins , their potential biological activity and unique molecular structure has aroused great interest of Organic Chemistry workers . So far , although there are many methods of such compounds can be synthesized , but the synthesis of such 10 - membered lactone ring there are still a great challenge . Our group found a simple and efficient way of a synthetic 10 -membered lactone ring structure compound , i.e. first through phenanthrenequinone actinic with olefins [ 42 ] cycloaddition , and then the light obtained by oxidation of these compounds , which ways undoubtedly has a great advantage . In this paper , of olefin by screening with 9,10 - phenanthrenequinone , 1,10 - phenanthroline -5,6 - dione photochemical reactions , and synthesis of a series of [ 42 ] cycloaddition of the product.

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