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Synthesis and Catalytic Activity of Functional Ionic Ruthenium Compounds

Author ZhouChengLiang
Tutor LiuZuo
School East China Normal University
Course Organic Chemistry
Keywords Functionalized Ionic Liquid Ruthenium Complexes Oxidation reaction Hydrogenation reaction Hydrogen transfer reactions
CLC O643.32
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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This paper design The synthetic ligand functionalized ionic liquid (including phosphine ligands functionalized ionic liquid nitrogen ligand functionalized ionic liquids , and nitrogen - phosphine bidentate ligands functionalized ionic liquids , Figure 1 ) , and two kinds of ruthenium complexes functionalized ionic liquid ( Figure 2 ) . And investigated transition metal ruthenium compounds auxiliary ligand functionalized ionic liquids under the catalytic oxidation reaction and reduction reaction performance : a ) in ordinary ionic liquid medium , RuCl3.3H2O and ligand functionalized ionic liquids directly in two ways mixed for catalytic molecular oxygen in the alcohol oxidation reaction of the oxidant ; ) RuCl3 · 3H2O with phosphine ligands functionalized ionic liquid the coordination occurs first synthesized ruthenium complexes functionalized ionic liquid , then ordinary ionic liquid media investigated aldehydes and ketones of ruthenium complexes functionalized ionic liquid catalytic reduction reaction and molecular oxygen as the oxidant alcohol oxidation reaction performance . Experimental results show that no cooxidant participation conditions, with oxygen as the oxidant, ordinary ionic liquid as a solvent , containing phosphine or nitrogen ligands functionalized ionic liquid and RuCl3 · 3H2O The catalytic system can be effectively catalyzed more alcohols choice oxidation , high selectivity to generate the corresponding aldehyde or ketone . Wherein weaker ligand nitrogen ligands functionalized ionic liquid is more conducive to the activity and selectivity of the ruthenium catalysts ; However, in the ionic liquid system of this feature , the staple catalyst recycling is still not be able to effectively achieve . Situ 31P NMR analysis showed that the oxidative degradation of the ligand functionalized ionic liquid itself is the root causes that lead to the ruthenium catalyst deactivation . The synthesis of new ruthenium complexes functionalized ionic liquid ([RuCl4 (DPPBMIM) 2] PF6) catalyst , aldehydes and ketones hydrogenation and hydrogen transfer reactions exhibit excellent catalytic activity and the catalyst can be recycled many times catalytic activity remained unchanged ; template reaction , molecular oxygen oxidation of benzyl alcohol as the effects of the catalyst of ( [ RuCl4 ( DPPBMIM ) 2 ] H2PW12O40 of the oxidation activity - experiments show that phosphorus tungstate ( [ H2PW12040 - ) counter anion , can significantly enhance the ruthenium complex cation ([RuCl4 (DPPBMIM) 2]) the thermal stability and antioxidant capacity , which reflects better than [ RuCl4 ( DPPBMIM ) 2 ] PF6 catalytic activity and stability .

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