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The Strategy of Damping SSO with TCSC

Author LiBing
Tutor HeRuiWen
School Guangdong University of Technology
Course Proceedings of the
Keywords Subsynchronous oscillation TCSC Subsynchronous damping characteristics Times frequency impedance characteristics
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Series capacitor compensation and DC transmission system to improve power system stability and line transmission capacity will be more widely used , which may lead to sub-synchronous oscillation problems inevitably become the safe operation of power grids can not be ignored . TCSC is a typical representative of the series compensation device , which provides the possibility for the Suppression of performance due to its fast and flexible adjustment . Therefore, the larger theoretical significance and practical value TCSC Suppression of research . This article by changing the parameters of the power system and compensation device TCSC suppress subsynchronous oscillation effect , and the corresponding suppression strategy . The main research work are as follows: First, the generation of sub-synchronous oscillation parameter analysis , the key parameters of the steady-state sub-synchronous resonance and transient torque amplification apparent impedance and transient electromagnetic torque , the DC transmission system and power system stabilizer subsynchronous oscillation generated key parameter is the time constant magnification ; simulation analysis of the oscillation characteristics of the system under different sub-synchronous signal interference . At the same time , the use of the main frequency oscillation complex torque coefficient method ; eigenvalue analysis of the excitation system oscillation amplitude and frequency ; Second , and TCSC different trigger angle and capacitance values the operating characteristics of the simulation study and found that the ratio of the capacitance and inductance tolerance / emotional work area closely associated by simulation from draw relevant conclusions ; study for TCSC on subsynchronous oscillation suppression capacitor voltage changes the algorithm principle is to control the amount of two suppression and study TCSC times frequency impedance characteristics , provide a theoretical basis for the inhibition mechanism : Finally, TCSC suppress subsynchronous oscillation characteristics of the simulation model engineering . To change the interference of outside subsynchronous signal , trigger angle size , the size of the study inhibitory effect of series compensation degree , and in accordance with the simulation graphic and parameters analysis , combined with subsynchronous damping characteristics of the power system and the TCSC times frequency impedance characteristics research corresponding the suppression strategy . In this thesis funded by the University in Guangdong Province Key Laboratory of \

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