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Research on Anti-interference and Configuration of 35kV Oil Field Line Microcomputer Protection

Author LiQingQing
Tutor ChenJiMing
School China University of Petroleum
Course Control Engineering
Keywords Microcomputer Protection Algorithm Anti-jamming measures Line microcomputer protection configuration MATLAB / simulink simulation
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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With the rapid development of China 's electric power industry , the size of the grid expanding grid structure is becoming more complex at the same time the system capacity is growing . Microcomputer relay protection device is used to reflect the power system fault and normal operation state , and acting on the circuit breaker trip and alarm signal device . Therefore , with the rapid development of the power industry and the rising of the voltage level of computer protection device is getting higher and higher , so to improve the performance of computer protection device for power system has important theoretical and practical significance . Further, since the oilfield grid itself is a huge electromagnetic network , the electromagnetic network inevitable interested electrical equipment generates electromagnetic interference , especially for weak microcomputer protection device . And the oilfield grid internal operation of the electrical equipment , electrical equipment around the static electric field and magnetic field , corona and electromagnetic radiation caused by electromagnetic interference , can easily result in incorrect operation of computer protection device . Therefore a comprehensive analysis and research microcomputer protection of oilfield grid configuration , take the necessary anti-jamming measures targeted protection is particularly important . This paper analyzes the basic principle of the power system microprocessor-based protection system , in-depth discussions of its hardware structure , software design and tuning , as well as commonly used algorithm , and combined with my professional practice , analysis of the various sources of interference in the oil field power system and route of transmission , and oilfield grid computer protection device anti-jamming measures carried out research and investigate the proposed anti-jamming measures taken by the entire secondary circuit , and microcomputer protection device , microcomputer relay protection field application provides good ideas. In this paper, in-depth analysis on the basis of the basic configuration of the the oilfield power grid 35kV line microcomputer protection system and protection principles , using MATLAB / simulink simulation software to build a computer simulation model of protection algorithm , the oilfield power grid 35kV double-ended power supply model , as well as 35kV line three- current microcomputer simulation model , and by setting different point of failure , a different type of fault simulation . Finally , Simulation results verify the accuracy of the model structures , and complete the analysis of the performance of the various algorithms .

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