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Research on the Formation Mechanism of Shovel-grubbing Resistance of Earth-moving Machinery

Author WuChuanYu
Tutor LiuZuoZuo
School Jilin University
Course Mechanical and Electronic Engineering
Keywords Earth-moving machinery bulk-solid material Mohr-coulomb model Rankin’s earth pressure theory Shovel-grubbing resistance
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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During the spading process of earth-moving machinery, Shovel-grubbing resistance consumes nearly all the Energy of the machinery. And it is the direct reason, which leads to tire Slipping, the time of Shovel-grubbing increasing. These conditions are the direct reason of the work efficiency and loading cost of machinery. The mechanical parameter of structural strength, power and so on is determined by it. So it directly affects the level of design and verification. Presently, the research of shovel-grubbing resistance is mostly trying to be described summary, based on related theories, experimental data, etc. however, those views are still not unified and there are still some distance from the guide practice.The Shovel-grubbing resistance forming the principal line and the system of Shovel-grubbing object and mechanism as the research object, the paper do the theoretical analysis and experimental study. Firstly, according to investigation of extreme loading object, this paper first puts forward a general model of the object. And comes to the conclusion that during the spading process, the destruction of material is Instability for bond between cell cubes of bulk-solid material, not cell cube of bulk-solid material itself comminuted fracture destruction. It studies on the mechanics and physical characteristic of object, demonstrates that during the spading process the material appearances less plasticity and more elasticity, and demonstrates that the constitutive relation of the object using Mohr-coulomb model is reasonable. Based on the analysis of those, describes that by the load of the machinery, the mechanism and groundings of destruction. Secondly, this paper models building and comprehensive force analysis of the model during the spading process of earth-moving machinery based on the analysis of process of shoveling and loading working conditions. It analyses the formation mechanism of Shovel-grubbing resistance by applying Mohr-coulomb criterion, Rankin’s earth pressure theory. Finally, according to put forward a new test method, it studies on the interior deformation of bulk-solid material, and primary analysis that formation mechanism of dense region and the effects of Shovel -grubbing resistance. By experiment and compared with available experimental data the paper verifies the theoretical analysis of the resistance reasonability. With earth-moving machinery was widely applied to earthwork construction and more statistics sources indicate that longer time the volume of production and consumption of our country occupied the first place in the world, so the study of Methods of Shovel -grubbing, loading cost and designing earth-moving machinery becomes more and more important. Only if we clearly understand mechanism of Shovel-grubbing resistance, can we carry out these efforts more effective. This paper uses Shovel -grubbing resistance as the principal line, analyses the formation mechanism of Shovel-grubbing resistance by simple and clear theory and according to put forward a new test method, studies on the interior deformation of bulk-solid material. In this paper the research methods and conclusions not only suitable for earth-moving machinery, but also may have a positive effect on the design of all kinds earth-machinery.

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