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Simulation and Studies on Intelligent Control System of Floating Docks

Author LiZuo
Tutor TanYue;WangNing
School Dalian Maritime University
Course Proceedings of the
Keywords Floating Docks Automatic Floating Systems Fuzzy Control
CLC U673.332
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Floating dock is one essential and major infrastructure enterprises of large or medium ship repair companies, it is the material basis for ship repair. It has the following outstanding advantages:when the ship enter into the floating dock, it can take out off the time (tidal size) effects; floating dock can take close initiative to the ship that urgent need get into the dock, as soon as possible to let the ship for repairs, maintain the vitality of the ship gain the value time.If floating dock wants to achieve the ups and downs, that must have its own system, past the system of floating and sinking was controlled by the person, the person accord to the level of ballast water tanks and draft in the bow and poop, adjust the opening of the import/export valve, thereby get the purpose of regulating the amount of water ballast tanks, made the floating dock ups and downs smoothly. This method not only hove poor inefficient, labor-intensive but also gets poor reliability. Because the speed of adjusting the calculation of ballast water is very slow; the valve control easily exist time difference, while in the process of allocation of ballast water in ballast tanks need monitor the liquid level to interfere, which makes the operator’s labor intensity greatly And prone to error.This text directs the inconvenience of the manual operation, use the fuzzy control, design a floating dock automatic ups and downs system. This system uses computers and ancillary equipment on the floating dock to monitor and control the morph, oblique and draft depth, in order to address the uncertainty of the controlled object, so as to reduce the operating strength of the crew, increase the safety of the ship, while accelerating its ups and downs rate, increase productivity.Using the platform of Visual C++, simulate the floating dock automatic system of ups and downs, this system is used to simulate the process of automatic ups and downs, detect the feasibility of ups and downs of the system automatically, monitor the dynamic data of floating dock of ups and downs, to achieve better automatic control effect of floating dock ups and downs, make floating dock get a smooth, secure ups and downs.

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