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Deformationand Strength Characteristics of Glass Fiber-Reinforced Soil Studied by Experiments

Author SongJinYan
Tutor SunHong
School Shanghai Jiaotong University
Course Geotechnical Engineering
Keywords Glass fiber soil Sand Clayey soil Consolidation Compression Extrude Triaxial test Strength Deform Empirical formula
CLC TU521.3
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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At home and abroad glass fibers as reinforcement material directly incorporated into the soil studies rarely. Glass fibers have excellent physical and chemical properties, and the price is cheap easy to produce, on glass fiber soil engineering properties and reinforcement mechanism of great academic value and engineering significance. Systematically carry out the soil of the glass fiber unidirectional compression testing, triaxial compression and tensile test, study soil unidirectional glass fiber compression characteristics, shear properties and tensile properties, to reveal the fiber length, the fiber mixing ratio, filler type and empirical formula of the confining pressure, and other major factors of soil consolidation characteristics of glass fiber reinforced, reinforced the effect of deformation and strength characteristics influence of proposed glass fiber soil shear strength index, studies have shown that glass fiber can significantly improve the soil resistance to the vertical deformation capacity, shear strength and tensile strength. The main conclusions are as follows: 1 fiber length and fiber mixing ratio of glass fiber reinforced soil compression influential; fiber adding to increase the proportion of the growth of the fiber length, fiber reinforced soil compression modulus, compression index minus e-log p curve becoming flat, when the fiber length or fiber mixing ratio reaches a certain level, e-log p curve is approximately a straight line; 2 glass fiber reinforced soil stress - strain relations approximation was hardening characteristics; glass are swelling failure of the primary failure modes of fiber reinforced soil sample; incorporation of glass fiber can significantly improve the sand and clay cohesion, but has little effect on the internal friction angle; 3 glass fiber reinforced soil strength index cohesion and fiber length, fiber mixing ratio of non-linear relationship exists drawn glass fiber reinforced soil strength indicators empirical formula on an experimental basis. Glass fiber reinforced soil shear strength increased with the increase in the proportion of fiber length and fiber adding larger. But the increase in shear strength to non-linear relationship between the amplitude and the proportion of fiber adding, and the approximate linear relationship between the fiber length; 4 incorporated into the glass fiber is possible to improve the tensile strength of the kaolin. , The tensile strength of glass fiber reinforced soil increases approximate fiber doped fiber adding increased from 0 to 1 ‰, the tensile strength of the glass fiber soil increases faster; fiber mixing proportion increases to 1 ‰ plus proportion linear relationship. Increases with increasing fiber length, tensile strength of glass fiber reinforced soil first large small, non-linear relationship between fiber length; 5 glass fiber reinforced sand and glass fiber reinforced clay reinforcement effect coefficient With the increase in the proportion of fiber length and fiber adding showed non-linear increase. Fiber length is short (5cm), the reinforcing effect of glass fiber reinforced clay was significantly higher than that of glass fiber reinforced sand; When the fiber is longer, the reinforcing effect of reinforced sand the coefficient increased percentage still evident, but added The reinforced effect coefficient of the tendons clay improve the percentage amplitude decreased; reinforced better than 6 fiber soil stretching compression reinforcement effect, with the increase in the proportion of fiber length and fiber adding, tensile and compressive performance percentage of smaller, the reinforced effect coefficient under two loading conditions and fiber length and fiber mixing ratio of non-linear relationship.

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