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On Peasant Consciousness of Lu-Yao’s Novels

Author LiaoLing
Tutor YueKaiHua
School Hunan Normal University
Course Contemporary Chinese Literature
Keywords Luyao novel Civilians awareness Presentation Value Appeal Generate reasons
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Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Luyao novel theme of rural life, there is a profound reflection of rural transformation. Their works by the description of the lives of young people, reflect the values ??of the generation of young people in the new life, to write the true meaning of life, to tell the people should have the courage to face a difficult environment, to create with their own hands, to experience life. This paper attempts from the point of view of the civilians, drawing on previous research on the basis of trying to make new novel study on Lu Yao explore and try. The thesis is divided into three chapters to be addressed. The first chapter discusses the manifestations of the consciousness of the of Luyao novel civilians. This chapter discusses the rural theme of choice from the Luyao works, the characterization of the civilians, the underlying atmosphere rendering. First, look at the creative process of Luyao, his major works on rural themes, reflecting the deep rural transformation, he always fondly watching the survival status of farmers concerned about the country and people's lives change. Second, the author is deeply in love with this piece of land, love the people of this land. The affectionate farmers not only manifested in in the the hero heart of confession, is also reflected in the work depicts characters and personalities show. The characters in the novels by Lu Yao said hundreds of thousands of miniature figures of that era Endeavour, the combination of thousands of years, farmers' awareness and spineless intellectuals. Again, Lu Yao was born to the bottom of society, and in which long lived, very familiar with the underlying people and their lives, so he instinctively holding the attention and sympathy of the underlying population of disadvantaged attitude repeatedly writing their survival situation and psychological feelings, mainly from hunger unforgettable rendering the underlying atmosphere. The second chapter discusses the awareness of the value of the demands of the of Luyao novel civilians. The revelation of this chapter from the ordinary life, thinking of urban-rural relations, traditional ethics demands three discusses the the conscious aesthetic value of the novel by Lu Yao civilians. First, Lu Yao is a writer has a spiritual pursuit and moral cultivation, his own short life of forty-three years, leaving a still we Baidubuyan writings. These works are rich in content, profound thinking, especially some young people to seriously consider. For example, hard work, perseverance and attitude towards life; pursuit of knowledge, dedication to the pursuit of civilized; love the motherland, dedication to the people's sense of social responsibility, and so on. Luyao write is not pure, completely enclosed in rural areas, he wrote the rural, also wrote the county, the provincial capital. The occurrence of any story has its specific space, and successful writers often begin to portray characters from their more familiar environment. Lu Yao for his rural theme works to find the most appropriate display space - urban and rural cross with. Again, Lu Yao's work has deep cultural connotation, which demonstrated the cultural values ??of complexity, contradiction. We praised the ethics harmonious interpersonal relationships, rural life reform from his awareness of the \The third chapter discusses the reason of conscious generation of of Luyao novel civilians. The continuation of this chapter from the literary tradition, the excitation of the social environment, life experiences prompted three aspects to discuss the reason of the Luyao novel civilians conscious generation. First, the traditional Chinese culture, are dominant Confucian culture. Lu Yao Jia, Chen Zhongshi, is the son of the village, to accept the psychological shaping of Confucian culture, Confucian culture is different. In the works, Lu Yao always emphasized the aesthetic of traditional ethical norms, which will undoubtedly be well received by the Chinese traditional ethics, in particular the impact of Confucian ethics. Secondly, on October 6, 1976 the fall of the \Survived writers and artists, with a black and blue, with singing and dancing to celebrate the \Experienced a series of order out of chaos, the ideological emancipation movement, the literary and art circles as a fire regeneration Phoenix, the majority of intellectuals enthusiastic, creative Ambilight theoretical discussion of the sector is also equally brilliant literary and art circles in China truly enter a the new era. \Again, a remote village in the of Luyao growth in northern Shaanxi, the family life of extreme poverty and difficulties embarrassment, humiliation suffering life experiences to Lu Yao left a deep emotional memory. In addition, Lu Yao rocky love experience its creation some impact. Thus his work is suffering a unique storage complex, works full Luyao unique feel and experience life suffering. Lu Yao brave face reality, and active participation in reality plain Narrations reality, to show the lives of ordinary people in an era.

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