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Theory of O’ Connor’s "Ecological Marxism" Achievements and Analysis

Author CuiXia
Tutor HuangWeiLi
School Shanghai Jiaotong University
Course The philosophy of Marxism
Keywords Ecology Marxism Historical Materialism
CLC B089
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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As Alvin Toffler said: \has been at the crossroads of modern industrial civilization. One hand, modern industrial civilization to mankind in the modern scientific and technological revolution and globalization propelled enormous material wealth and material comfort, on the other hand, it also raised the global ecological problems and the ecological crisis, resulting in a variety of direct threat to human survival and security of the natural, social, and international issues. This makes the \\This article select the James O'Connor ecology Marxist theory as a research perspective, starting from the study of the formation of the Marxist theory of the O'Connor ecology background, to explore its theoretical content and theoretical achievements, analysis of the value and practical significance, and pointed out that the theory limitations. The thesis consists of five parts: The first part of the introduction. Research Analysis O'Connor ecology Marxist theory and its significance. The second part, O'Connor ecology of the Marxist theory of the social and historical background and theoretical basis. O'Connor ecological Marxist theory generated can not be separated from the social and historical background of the time: First, the emergence of contemporary Western capitalist ecological crisis and the resulting global ecological problems, so that people began to ecological problems as human face an era subject to study. Ecological movement caused by the ecological crisis and the rise of the Green Revolution, O'Connor saw new hope for social change, he build ecology ideals of the socialist system as the main task of Ecological Marxism, the purpose is to new social movements socialist move in the ideal state of \O'Connor ecology of Marxist theory is based primarily on performance in three areas: (1) the theory of Marxism, his reconstruction of historical materialism, built on the basis of the classic historical materialism; ecological critique of capitalism built on Marx his ecological socialist ideals are built on the basis of the principles of socialist capitalist economy critical foundation; (2) Western Marxism, inherited the critical spirit of Western Marxism; absorbed Frankfurt School research of the relationship between man and nature and the ecological crisis. (3) of Modern Ecology and system theory, learn and absorb the ideas and results of modern ecology and systems theory, ecology and socialism and combine to form the ideal socialist road ecology. The third part of the theory of Marxism, ecology O'Connor kernel. O'Connor's theory and early ecology Marxism representative (Levin Lewis Agger) are significantly different, and he is not easily negate any of Marx's theory. Explore the \relationship between social labor, this reconstruction of historical materialism, establish ecological Marxism Theoretical Perspective; He also set up for the second contradiction of the core areas of production conditions (ie capitalist relations of production and its the contradiction between the conditions of production) theory, and its analysis as the starting point of the process of accumulation of capital through the crisis, and to reveal the intrinsic link between the accumulation of capital and the ecological crisis and the economic crisis so as to arrive capitalist production ecological unsustainability; the face of the economic crisis and the ecological crisis of capitalist society, socialist and green thoughts and eco-movement organically combine to achieve justice-oriented production system concept of ecological doctrine. The fourth part of Marxist theory, ecology O'Connor theoretical contributions and limitations. Part V Conclusion. O'Connor ecology study of Marxist theory come to an important conclusion: out of the crisis, and reconstruction of the relationship between man and nature, the harmony between man and nature. Research O'Connor ecology Marxist theory, have important theoretical and practical significance for us to correctly understand and study the global ecological problems, enrich and develop Marxism ecological theory, establish the correct ecological concept, the establishment of ecological civilization and building a harmonious society .

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