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Research on Preparation and Property of the Porous Phosphate Ceramics Materials

Author HanZuoZuo
Tutor HeWen
School Shandong Institute of Light Industry
Course Materials Science
Keywords Hydroxyapatite Ceramics Mesoporous materials Yeast cells Templates Contained enzyme Bacteriostatic
CLC R318.08
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Nano mesoporous and porous materials with special physical and chemical properties due to its special structure , this new material has aroused great interest of the majority of scientific research . 1992 success of mesoporous silica zeolite synthesis caused extensive study of the research staff of the special pore structure of mesoporous materials , to explore the synthesis of nano- and mesoporous materials and emerging applications will become the focus of the materials in the field . Hydroxyapatite as the main inorganic component of bone , has good bioactivity and biocompatibility , non-toxic side effects , it is widely used in hard tissue repair replacement carrier and . This thesis is a brief summary of the biological material and its classification , hydroxyapatite and other phosphate research on materials , and describes the immobilized enzymes and antibacterial research profile . Thesis work mainly consists of the following : (1) hydroxyapatite ceramic material preparation and properties of yeast cells as a template prepared nanosized mesoporous hydroxyapatite powder ( Chapter 2 ) of this thesis as the main raw material add a certain binder , obtained by tableting molding and preparation of different temperature calcined hydroxyapatite bulk material , study its corresponding various properties . (2 ) hydroxyapatite porous ceramic material containing enzyme performance study ( Chapter 3 ) the preparation of papers using traditional pottery , yeast templates prepared nanosized mesoporous hydroxyapatite powder as raw material , the preparation of porous hydroxyapatite apatite bulk material , and the performance of its contained enzymes were studied . (3) mesoporous phosphate immobilized enzyme inhibitory properties of ( Chapter 4 ) In this thesis the synthesis of a variety of biological template mesoporous phosphate materials immobilized containing enzymes and antibacterial experiments using iodine achromatic Law Determination of α-amylase activity , research and analysis phosphate immobilized enzyme inhibitory properties ( 4) of biological the template zinc phosphate calcium and zinc phosphate synthesis and Characterization ( Chapter 5 ) (5) of hydroxyapatite / alginate sodium ( Chapter 6 ) to study the biological template prepared by a variety of nano-phosphate performance and development of the green biomimetic synthesis of phosphate composites . Tested analysis found that the biological templates phosphate material has good adsorption , immobilized contained enzyme performance and antibacterial properties , these properties have broad application prospects in the field of environmental science, life science .

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