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Study on Citric Acid Wastewater Treatment by Biochemical Method

Author ZhuDan
Tutor GuoHua
School Hunan Agricultural University
Course Agricultural Extension
Keywords Citric acid wastewater Upflow sludge fluidized bed process Contact oxidation process PH value Volume load
CLC X703
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Citrate is an important organic acids, having many uses in industry, food , cosmetic and other industries . Citric acid production process , however , will produce a large number of high concentration organic wastewater , without going through the proper treatment will result in serious environmental pollution . Therefore , wastewater treatment has become the top priority of China 's citric acid industry . In this paper, starting from the citric acid production processes , briefly currently used citric acid production process and producing pollution link several citric acid wastewater treatment process , to do a brief comparison of the principles and process of various process methods . The experiments for the study of citric acid production wastewater using UASB and contact oxidation main process to carry out experiments , to explore the feasibility of the two processes deal with citric acid wastewater study the the UASB different volume load of pollutant removal , contact oxidation different influent pH and influent pollutant concentration contact oxidation treatment effect . The study aims to find a set of optimal design parameters to handle better removal of . In addition to an engineering example analysis UASB contact oxidation treatment effect of citric acid wastewater . Experimental results show that citric wastewater with the main process of the UASB contact oxidation processing is feasible , UASB reactor is applied to the citric wastewater treatment After 91 days of the experiment has a better pretreatment effect . Experiments UASB reactor design load value the feasible maximum 4-6kg/m3 · d is reached 5.85kg/m3 · d . Contact oxidation process wastewater weakly alkaline degradation effect , little CODcr removal when the influent pH in the range of 4-9 , but water to maintain the pH in the reaction time can be shortened between 7-8 when the influent CODcr 500 ~ 2500mg / l , the reaction 12h ~ 16h stability standards .

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