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The Study of the Book on Adoption of Moxibustion-Cai Ai Bian’s Academic Value

Author HuangYingChun
Tutor HeYangZi
School Jinan University
Course Traditional Chinese Medicine
Keywords Edited by Cai Ai Ye Guangzuo Academic Thought Lingnan characteristics Heat syndrome with moxibustion
CLC R245
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Objective: Cai Ai compiled this Lingnan moxibustion monograph the collation and research, summarize the academic thinking, clinical experience and Lingnan characteristics, the heat syndrome moxibustion illustration, will expand moxibustion application for contemporary acupuncture clinical inspiration and learn to play a catalytic role in the revitalization of the relative decline of moxibustion Law rich Lingnan from historical data on the history of medicine. : \And moxibustion theory representative of Emergencies elbow \Results: Preliminary to complete the the academic thought finishing work \Emergencies elbow \identify the disease to correct moxibustion; clinical trial in identifying diseases because the first duty, four diagnostic methods, especially re-look and smell it, the cut the attending anti ranking followed. 2 recorded moxibustion party won within, and outside, women, children, the facial features all Section disease card of 96. Which governance sudden death, the corpse Jue moxibustion people, bearing slurry, the umbilical, Baihui experience inherited Ge's the law, and some play. 3. Unauthorized use of the meridian, especially weighing five shu point applications. Take partitioned moxibustion long the \Moxibustion according to the different parts of the condition determine the size of the Zhuang number, how many. Strongly advocated fever moxibustion, not rigidly adhere to the \The fever should moxibustion, more should be made sooner moxibustion. 6. Advocates forbidden moxibustion parts as much as possible to avoid moxibustion, and even then, near the site also advocated a ban moxibustion. And different periods of the human body, but also it points Taboo. Moxibustion sore care in three steps: continuous moxibustion to delay scab; within food medicines speed up drug evil table scattered; the external plaster the painted wash myogenic Sida prompted healed. Cai Ai. \Its multi-disciplinary academic thinking mainly: ① Sores: moxibustion Expelling early, not disease prevention; garlic separated: moxibustion reference Bloodletting and light, strong and very few; specific points, five lost. . ② Pediatrics: the pediatric diagnostic methods, especially heavy by inspection; pediatric all evidence, nursing. ③ Gynecology: woman with blood as the basic \Take on more small abdominal of any Moxue the lower extremity of the spleen, kidney Meridian, and the back of the Bladder Meridian. The ④ moxibustion sore care: continuous moxibustion to delay scab; within the the food drugs to speed up the drug evil table scattered; the external plaster myogenic Sida prompted healed. Cai Ai ed academic achievement summed up: (1) make good use of moxibustion: ② heat syndrome with moxibustion: think heat syndrome with the moxibustion active casual table hot, clear diarrhea heat, Qi Hui Yang. Its mechanism: hot thermal cited; open up portals cited evil to go out; the temperature prevailing bulk, Xiaoyu Sanjie; the moxibustion Fu Yang, Yang Health Yin long. The heat syndrome moxibustion the Conception Vessel, Sun, Yangming Meridian to take on more and take on more of the head, hand, foot, back hole. ③ Lingnan characteristics with moxibustion light, unauthorized use of five-shu, the different treatment of the same disease, the cause of humidity, disease, multi-yang. Conclusion: \and clinical practice, flexible, creative and development in higher academic standards and clinical value, worthy of further study. 2. \The Moxibustion back Yang; dharmas cooperative participation respected moxibustion. 3 Cai Ai ed major academic achievements: the use of moxibustion, heat syndrome with moxibustion, Lingnan characteristics.

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