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Clinical Study about Ovulation Action of the Acupuncture Cycle Therapy in Anovulatory Diseases

Author LiuJing
Tutor WangZuo
School Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Course Acupuncture and Massage
Keywords Ovulation disorders Menstrual cycle The acupuncture cycle therapy together Roche ovulation soup Ovulation effect
CLC R271.9
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Purpose of this study is to simulate medicine cycle therapy based on changes in the menstrual cycle phases dialectical acupoints , acupuncture cycle therapy , with Roche ovulation soup to study disorders of ovulation ovulation induction effect for the clinical treatment of the disease widening thought and provide reliable objective basis . Methods The study subjects were ovulation disorders in 60 patients met the inclusion criteria , randomized controlled clinical methods, its divided into treatment group ( 30 cases ) and control group ( 30 cases ) , to the control group taking Roche ovulation soup , treatment group on the basis of conventional treatment in the control group plus acupuncture cycles of therapy , after three cycles of treatment , compare the overall efficacy of the two groups after treatment , menstruation , ovulation rate , maximum follicular diameter , BBT, pregnancy rate aspects of the change , and statistical analysis . The results after three cycles of treatment , the treatment group, the total effective rate of 86.7% , the control group, the total effective rate of 60% , both the efficacy difference was statistically significant , we can think that the overall efficacy of the treatment group is higher than that in the control group . Ovulation rate in the two groups of the third cycle , follicular development , BBT changes and symptom score differences were statistically significant , the treatment group in promoting follicular development , increases ovulation rate , BBT aspects and improve the efficacy of menstruation is higher than that in the control group . Two groups pregnancy was no statistical difference , still can not believe that the treatment group in the pregnancy rate control group efficacy . Conclusion the acupuncture cycle of therapy together Roche ovulation soup has a good ovulation induction effect : promoting follicular development , increases ovulation rate ; improve basal body temperature BBT phase rate ; improve menstruation , adjust the menstrual cycle . Its superior efficacy than single- Fang Luoshi ovulation soup .

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