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Research on Ding Zan’s Psychological Thoughts

Author ZhuLiang
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School Nanjing University
Course Applied Psychology
Keywords Ding -chan Psychological Thought Medical Psychology History of Psychology Biological - social and cultural - individual Trinity The founder of Mental Health Stage of development Academic status
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Year 2011
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Mr. Ding Zan is a famous psychologist, academic practice implies a lot of creative psychology ideological content. The study by to take literature summarized analysis and other methods, and related materials on the basis of the combination of the history of the development of modern psychology, the systematic and comprehensive research and explore the psychology of Mr. Ding Zan thinking. Mr. Ding Zan psychology thinking is the turn of the century, China psychology preliminary development context, the theoretical system of Western psychology of learning and research, and the combination of clinical mental health practice experience gradually developed. This paper begins with Mr. Ding Zan's life start to analyze the origins of the Mr. Ding Zan psychology thinking. School experience from small-chan student at the Central University and Peking Union Medical College, summed up the the Mr. Ding Zan psychology thinking academic background; then start from small Zan background of the times, combined with a description of the the small chan childhood living environment Ding Zan psychological motivations for engaging in psychological research and later development context. Mr. Ding Zan Psychological Thought summary is divided into two parts, theoretical and practical. Theoretical part discusses the contribution of the D-chan system of psychological theory and psychological disciplines. In theoretical psychology, including his definition of psychology and interdisciplinary nature of the study, research methods and other issues to make the exposition. Reflection and criticism of his psychoanalytic theory, Table Mingding Zan gradually from the influence of Western psychology ideological system of independent thinking psychology basic questions, and gradually developed from the materialistic thinking psychology ideological system. Practical aspects mainly discussed Ding Zan summarized built up gradually in the work of mental health practice mental health theory and medical psychology ideological and theoretical. His relationship to the object of the mental health work, research methods, research content, mental health, and other disciplines to make a correct assertion. He is very concerned about the psychological problems of adolescence, the relationship between men and women, neurasthenia, youth and then adapt the issues, and gradually form a biological - social and cultural - individuals Trinity mental health and medical psychology theory of psychotherapy a major innovation. Basic theoretical issues in medical psychology, Ding Zan combined with discussion of the results after the founding of psychology guiding ideology, made the right judgment, affirmed the necessity and legitimacy to carry out medical psychology research, and established to materialism guiding the direction of the development of medical psychology. Also from the perspective of historical materialism, Zan psychology ideological development make a dynamic description. Respectively, from personal experience, social environment and literature reflect the content based on three areas as established in Zan thinking stage of development. Division of the four stages of the development of the D-chan Psychological Thought. Divided into an embryonic stage, exploratory stage, the transition stage, the mature stage. Each stage reflects certain characteristics of the times and a certain amount of content topics. Infancy to learn and master the basic theories of psychology; exploratory stage independently mental health practice and reflect on the theory of learning from the West, and gradually form a theoretical summary of the mental health work; transitional stage for a special period. This time engaged in psychological research work and theoretical achievements do not have much, but make an important contribution to the development of new scientific career in close contact with the latter stages, can be seen as part of the work for the latter stages of the bedding; mature stage is an important period for the completion of a series of work in the establishment of new institutions of modern psychology, the psychology of the guiding ideology, discipline establishment of medical psychology guiding ideology. This period small-chan's great contribution the academic thinking gradually increasingly sub maturity. This article also do a more detailed discussion of the positioning of of Mr. Ding Zan academic status. The point of view of historical materialism, the background history of the development of modern psychology and medical psychology, contribution of small-chan in which the environment of the times, and other characters with the same period of comparison, the two basic positioning: ), one of the founders of modern psychology, 2) the forerunner of our mental health services and disseminators of medical psychology pioneer and founder. Mr. Ding Zan, adhere to the theory and practice of psychology, learning by doing, the basic principles of the theory with practice, makes his articles always combined with the specific historical conditions, reflect the characteristics of the times. His contribution to the modern psychology of the Chinese academic thinking can be summarized as the theoretical and practical aspects. Theoretical aspects: 1) the introduction and spread of Western psychological theory thinking played a certain role in the Enlightenment; 2) three-factor model in China initiated the development of mental health, is a pioneer in psychotherapy and medical pattern; 3) Medical Psychology thinking of early theoretical basis for the development of medical psychology disciplines laid; 4) make a theoretical contribution to the basic problems of psychology, a clear direction for the development of the early days of psychological disciplines. In practice, his mental health practice activities, not only the research and treatment of a large number of mental illness cases, and the publicity and education of the masses, and make a positive contribution to the popularization of mental health knowledge. In mental health practice many theoretical discourse and summarize today to solve a lot of problems in the field of mental health is still instructive and practical significance. Ding Zan psychology thinking still exists because of historical reasons and some objective historical background reasons, certain historical limitations and flaws. This was reflected in his theorizing. Theoretical construction is not complete, systematic not a major problem. Another problem is that, although Ding Zan psychology thinking was basically out from practice, but there is no strong empirical research to confirm. Ding Zan textual characteristics and the nature of the work he was engaged in these are relevant, and objectively reflect the psychology is still in the immature stage of development. Ding Zan constructed several theoretical perspectives as the basis of a discipline, is not accurate enough to some extent understandable.

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