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Theory and Practice of Environmental Ethics Education

Author GuoLingXi
Tutor ChenWanQiu
School Changsha University of Science and Technology
Course Ethics
Keywords Environmental ethics education Ecological value idea Value target Environmental education practice
CLC B82-058
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Environmental ethics education is on Marx theory of human’s comprehensive development implementation, on a global environmental deterioration situation, the depth of their human care, is the only human to solve ecological problem. Along with the global environment problem increasingly, international environmental ethics education arises at the historic moment and rapid development. China’s environmental ethics education startting evening, environmental ethics education theory and practice research relatively lags behind, especially the environmental ethics education of originality of theoretical research and "localization" practice research obvious weak. Respect of life, respect the natural environmental ethics education, eager to explore the theory and practice, standardize between man and man, man and nature, man and society ethical relationship, to construct a socialist harmonious society, the increasingly serious in environmental problems in modern times, which is of great theore.This thesis follow the following ideas spread from human civilization: first of all, the historical process, and points out that the construction of ecological civilization is the necessity of the development of human history, overall emphasis on the importance and necessity of the environmental ethics education in human in the social practice; Then based on environmental ethics education theory, the core theory, specific methods to make a detailed analysis of environmental ethics education that possibility and feasibility; On this basis, according to the present environment, indicates the realistic situation of environmental ethics education in concrete path. This research ideas or more clear.This paper from the human civilization development by the agricultural civilization to the industrial civilization and to develop again to ecological civilization inevitable path, and on the basis of analyzing in detail the produce environmental problems humanity puzzles and rational problem two big origin, and how to correction and beyond the two problems, realize the value of environmental ethics education dimensions and practice of environmental ethics, and dimensions of the modern education philosophy.Secondly systematically explores the environmental ethics education theoretical horizon. This section from four aspects: first environmental ethics education from the basic theoretical research, and points out that the traditional start of the "nature and humanity" theory is our country environment ethics education humanistic soil; Ecological ethics is the logic starting point of environmental ethics education; "Scientific development view" is the theory of environmental ethics education core. Secondly detailed environmental ethics education is explained the whole education, ecological personality education, lifelong education and living theory the essential characteristics of education. Again, stated the environmental ethics education of the basic content. Expounds the education universal patterns of environmental ethics education mode; - Lucas Environmental education and environmental ethics education basic connotation and the differences and relations between; Points out that includes basic content, core contents and expand content, each progression in three parts content is the main content of environmental ethics education. Finally, discussed the environmental ethics education process is through’s environmental ethics cognition, emotion, environmental ethics environmental ethics of will and environmental ethical behavior, four links the theoretical system of environmental ethics teaching process of educatees.Finally, environmental ethics education again discussed the practice path. Points out, time, space, and forms from three dimensions to construct the system of environmental ethics education; Emphasizes the government policymakers, enterprises should be in charge and broad adolescent education as the major object of environmental ethics for highly efficient environmental ethics education.To solve environmental problems thoroughly, humans must start from themselves, when this ability to find a reasonable way. Humans should be timely broaden the moral perspective, re-examine the relationship between human and nature, natural with moral concern, to the relationship between man and nature into moral field, constructing ecological ethic morality. Environmental protection, education first, as modern education organic component of environmental ethics education - is to education people in everyday life form respect for the environment the value of existence, treat natural environment, ecological justice, fear, partnerships, establish person and natural mutualist ties, maintenance man and environment harmonious development in moral relationship.

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