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The Analysis of Amartya Sen’s Ethics in the Development

Author ChenLi
Tutor LiaoXiaoPing
School Changsha University of Science and Technology
Course Ethics
Keywords development happiness freedom economic ethics
CLC B82-05
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Development is the relationship to our human life a core problem, however, modern mainstream economics "development" equal to number sense of economic growth and GDP growth economics and ethics, led to the serious separation, this separation created one of the defects of contemporary mainstream economics - that is, no ethics, (non - ethical), their development is full of "tears and sweat" "cruel" development. India’s famous economist, Amartya Sen for advocates of economics and ethics, put forward by the fusion of freedom, equality, democracy and the basic rights of people for the purpose and means of exchange right view, for poverty right view and with basic ability as the core of the idea of equality, its economic ethical theory ideological theory gained widespread acceptance, while his ideological and theoretical only for his won the Nobel economics prize in 1998, also won the respect and love of others, people called it "the economics of conscience".This paper elucidated from the ethical perspective and a mining, Amartya Sen thinking of development outlook. The ethical guidelines on development, yeah Marty and ? Jackson, is also a feature of his entire development theory is a logical lines. With a rational development, to the freedom to think, Marty and development is, two other major’s development characteristic. In armagh Wendy and ? sen opinion, development is the basic method and human survival purpose, but o Amartya Sen does not think development is only the change or pure digital’s GDP growth, he promotes the rational, look at the way the full of humane care, and that democracy is the development of the development of the development of basic rights, it is essential to improve the development of human freedom, and the ultimate aim is to increase people’s happiness. Abigail o Marty’s development, the rich ethical breath, he pay close attention to low social status and poor living conditions, called "poor man’s economists", he thought the famine had multiple causes is generated from, and not supply of food shortage, his this theory to our country and other countries the concept of development provides great significance for reference, especially for the development of our national economy and anti-poverty solution has the very big heuristic role.In short, for, Amartya sen comprehensive grasp of economic ethics to help us to increase our economic ethics problems occurring in understanding, such as the definition of economic ethics for development purposes, and nature of the understanding and so on, many from the ethical perspective on development issues, even if not much, but from the promoting function of Amartya Sen ’s point of view, this at least not be major mistakes. This is ethics and economics harmony brings the significance and value.

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