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Liu Xiang Conception of Women

Author LiuYiChun
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Keywords Liu Xiang Biography of Women Woman Evaluation criteria Diversification
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Year 2011
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Liu Xiang as the Western Han Dynasty famous thinkers, writers and scribes, he compiled \Ancient scholars tend to school note and research, and modern scholars mostly for its literary and historical significance. Summary senior research results, we expressed the lack of diversification of the book Women's evaluation criteria analysis. As the beginning of the history of women's work, \godson, honor their parents, and even some with outstanding political talent, helping the country. This paper studied the image of these women, the system summarizes Liu Xiang diverse women evaluation criteria, and to explore the far-reaching influence. This paper firstly discusses the living conditions of women in the Western Han Dynasty, Liu Xiang reveals diverse women's social background evaluation criteria and prerequisites. From marital status, family interests, social equity perspective, the Western Han women of higher status relative liberation of personality, they are not only in marriage, divorce has a certain freedom and power, life husband and wife relationship is relatively equal. Family property between husband and wife have a certain relative independence, they have a relatively economic status, etc., and women who are mothers have a say on many issues, particularly in the sermon on the child plays an important role. Han society allows women to participate in politics, in taxes, corvee, criminal and other aspects of women have a certain independence, but they are also able to inherit property and title, but also to receive an education and skills education. In his discussion of the Western Han Dynasty, based on the state of women's lives, the paper of the \Then from the intelligence, end Zhuang Youde, vision, identified talent, endeavor to comply Confucianism, Masao godson, good co-wives, support parents, Anpinyuedao to righteousness as the most important, the mother of kings, concerned about the affairs, the incorruptible, affectionate justice, beauty broken country prosperous and so ugly detail Liu Xiang diverse women evaluation criteria. Liu Xiang and further summarizes the evaluation criteria diverse women's history, ethics, political values. Liu Xiang in the late Western Han evaluation criteria against women is diverse, but the evaluation criteria to the Eastern Han women change occurs, the change is for a reason. With the social development, women started by multivariate evaluation criteria designed to Jung submissive one yuan development, women's status declined, primarily rulers policy changes, the strengthening of feudal ethics, family economic status of women, the decline in public opinion to guide four aspects caused.

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