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Social Space of the Song Dynasty

Author YaoShuai
Tutor GuoShengBo
School Jinan University
Course Historical Geography
Keywords Song Dynasty Village Social space
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Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Rural grass-roots space of the Chinese society , an important support to sustain the country's development . Rural society of the Song Dynasty in the Tang and Song period of great change , the rural grass-roots organizations of the complex and volatile academic attention . Song Dynasty , China 's rural grass-roots organizations began Zhiyi from town officials to change, causing confusion in the rural grass-roots organizations . Reached the village under the central authority to levy taxes , maintain law and order so as to stabilize the country ruled purpose , the Song Dynasty village society organizations showing the particularity of local conditions , neither level hierarchy , geographical system attributes . National and local community through enlightenment , religion , clan formed in the maintenance of the rural social stability of the fit , and thus construct a a closed rural social space . This space is not only reflected in the Localization of the grassroots organizations , and issued by state power and control of the local social elite makes rural social space is more stable , the cultural nexus of power \all aspects of life are fixed in this space . The the study rural regional distribution is the important topic of the history of political geography and Administrative geography , and rural geographical powers interwoven and interactive geographical space is also important historical geography . The naming of the Song Dynasty village showing or enlightenment , or the law of geographical . Epitaph , buy land certificates to show rural people can identify their own living space determine the stability of the rural social space . Township , Paul , A-level rural organizations in the geographical stretch into Chinese Historical Geography the grassroots community Regionalization possible through the collation and study of literature , the Southern Song Dynasty the strict capital of the township distribution to do a preliminary Discussion , debate on the issue of the village -level summary of the previous and the village Localization basically solved .

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