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The Debate between Buddhism and Taoism During the Early Meng-Yuan Period

Author ChangDeSheng
Tutor MaJuan
School Lanzhou University
Course Specialized History
Keywords Meng-yuan Dynasty the Debate between Buddhism and Taoism religion policy
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Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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During the period of Meng-Yuan Dynasty,the most active religions were Buddhism and Taoism in China. The two religious had been debated as long as 30 years for the most important status in the Empire.In the beginning,under the support of the Cinggis Qan,Quanzhen Tao led by Qiu Chuji grew rapidly in Hebei region and its effect was more and more big in Empire.With the development of Quanzhen Tao’s power,it was getting more serious that Taoists oppressed Buddhists.At last,Shaolin’s Xue Tin Fu Yu denounced Quanzhen Tao to Mongka Qan.Thus,opening the debated between Buddhism and Taosim which lasted nearly thirty years in the Mneg-Yuan period.At this time,Quanzhen Tao had brought about the vigilance of the Mongol rulers,because of its influence was so powerful.Under the support of the Mongol royal and endeavoring of Sa-skya-pa,the Tibetan Buddhism monk,Buddhism had defeated Taoism in the important debated in Kaiping City.The debated indicated that Buddhism took the place of Taoism and become the most influential religion in the Empire.Because of the policy of religious freedom,Taoism was not banned after it failed.On the contrary,some sects of Taoism had close relationship with the Mongol royal.However,Tibetan Buddhism had taken the place of all religious-sects and become the most important status religious at that time.In addition,Tibetan Buddhists were more despotic than the behavior of Taoists of Quanzhen Tao.In this regard,the Mongol rulers did not take effective measures to stop the bad behavior of the Tibetan Buddhists,but even more indulgence,thus,it brought about very bad effect to both political and economy on during the period.

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